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    Warhammer Fantasy: Buildings (Internal)

    A Topic barely worthy of a mention, but just a quick expansion of the Building Rules in Warhammer FB.

    Paper, Pencil.

    At the beginning of the game, draw blueprints of all the buildings, as exactly as possible, on the paper, including windows, doors, and for Multi Level buildings draw stair cases connecting each building. Then, when a Unit enters a building, it counts as a skirmish unit, and is placed on the paper which is kept off the gaming part of the table. Rules for firing in and out of building are the same, except line of sight depends on whether or not the model inside the building can see a window on whichever side they are shooting at. Each floor is represented by a different blueprint, and all blueprints should be labelled. More than one unit can enter a building, and troops assaulting them must clear them floor by floor. Draw some stairs or a ladder on the blueprint. Assaulting troops when attacking a building, may move directly in One model at a time through any unguarded window, then troops from that floor join in the combat, with no ranks, or flanks. A window is counted as guarded if there is a model inside within 1" of it. Only models on the same floor may fight, and stairs up to the next level are treated in the same way as windows.

    Makes for a slightly more dynamic "Urban" Warfare feel, and also makes larger buildings like strongholds, being hard to get into, and having to clear them level by level, which will undoubtedly be a bloody, messy business.

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    Yeah, this is actually pretty similar to the rules suggested in teh 4th edition Warhammer Siege supplement
    A good idea, but rather than measuring distances, I would almost use a square-type system in 1" squares or similar, and movement and LOS is based on this system (almost like Warhammer Quest).

    i agree that for big buildings, you need to treat them as mini-battlefields in their own right, say anything with a width > 4" should be treated like normal Warhammer battlefield, whilst below that width, it becomes a skirmish field, as the troops cannot effectively lend their weight to their mates (and practically, a 5-wide unit cannot be formed...

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