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    I really enjoyed the Halo game, and now, with the sequel just around the corner, I've started to become excited about the game again. I was wondering... if points cost were no object, and the master chief were going to square off against an entire army of chaos/dark eldar/tyranids/whatever, what would be some cool stats for him? I want him to be able to do SERIOUS damage. Also, this is for the Halo 1 master chief, since I don't know the details of halo 2 yet.

    Just some basic ideas: there should be stats for each possible weapon, and he would select 2, (along with grenade stats, of course). His armor should be a 2+ save, and to represent his shielding, he should also get to take a single 2+ invulnerable save every round. I also think his stats should be much better than a typical space marines, since 1) I want them to be and 2) he comes from the much vaunted "dark age of technology" (well, before that, but whatever).

    The idea is, he'd face an entire army on his own (naturally).

    Possibly, he could be WS6 BS6 S6 T6 W4 I6 A4 LD 10 fearless 2+ save 2+ invulnerable save (once per turn)

    Special Rules:

    Thermoptic Camo - the pinnacle of stealth technology, the master chief may not be targeted if in cover of any kind

    Overshield - Once per game, the 2+ invulnerable save may be used against all attacks per turn. Allows a 2+ save against attacks that ignore invulnerable saves, although this nullifies the shield for the rest of the turn.

    Frag Grenade - strike simultaneously as troops in cover - in shooting phase, may instead choose to make a single attack at S5 AP3 Assault 1 blast

    Plasma Grenade - in combat against vehicles, may instead choose to make a single S8 attack that gets 2d6 penetration, in shooting phase, may make a single S10 AP2 Assault 1 attack that hits on a 3+

    Crazy Jumping Machine - May Fleet of Foot in shooting phase if no weapons are used, counts vertically impassible terrain as difficult, assaults 12'', and may choose to leave closecombat during player's assault phase, always moving 6'', toward cover if possible

    Tactical Sense- Before game starts, player controlling master chief may place three pieces of terrain (with a total area of no more than 45 square inches) anywhere on the board to represent the master chief's careful choice of battlefield

    Weapons (choose 2, only one may be fired per turn)

    MD6 Pistol - S5 AP3 Pistol (if used in tandem with the energy sword, gives +1 attack bonus for having 2 close combat weapons) - 12'' range - Master Chief still recieves +1 attack charge bonus even if this weapon is used

    MA5B Assault Rifle -S4 AP4 Assault 5 24'' range

    M19SSM "Spanker" Rocket Launcher - S8 AP3 Assault 2 Blast - Opponent may not reposition blast templates, templates must be placed directly on top of each other. Roll to hit for each one separately. 48'' range

    S2AM Sniper Rifle - S10 AP1 Heavy 1 - May be used to target any individual model, (i.e. hidden powerfists, independent characters, etc). Hits automatically (no roll to hit). Add +1 to all penetration rolls - 36'' range

    M90 Shotgun - S6 AP3 Assault 3 blast 12'' range - for second and third blast templates, roll to hit on a 4+ and a 5+ respectively, with strength and AP reduced by 1 and 2 respectively - second and third templates placed in a straight line from Master Chief model to first blast template

    Plasma Pistol - S5 AP3 Assault 1 blast - (if wielded in tandem with energy sword, gives a +1 attack bonus) 12'' range - master chief still recieves +1 attack charge bonus if this weapon is used

    Plasma Rifle - S5 AP3 Assault 3 weapon

    Needle Gun - S3 AP- Assault 2D6+2 weapon -instead of rolling to hit, roll a 2D6 - the number rolled is the number of needle shards that hit automatically, plus 2

    Flame Thrower - S8 AP5 Assault - Template Range

    Fuel Rod Gun -S8 AP4 Heavy 1 Ord. Blast - 24'' range

    Energy Sword- Ignores armor saves, ignores invulnerable saves, and always wounds on a 3+

    I'd also like some more down-to-earth stats for him, along with his warthog, regular marines, and all the covenant baddies. Keep in mind, he's supposed to be overpowered on his own, (and has no points cost) because he faces an entire army ON HIS OWN.

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    The only problem with having no point cost is, he can only face an army with a certain point range. Army's too small will get kicked and too big will kick him. You should have equipment and allow him to take more or less depending on the enemies points

    600pts-2 items
    1000pts-3 items
    1500pts-4 items etc.
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