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    New Imperial Guard Unit (Stealth Tank)

    Hi, I am currently trying to write fluff for my imperial guard, I dont have anything worth typing yet, only a few ideas

    - Broken off from the imperium
    - controlling severeal systems
    - Have access to liberal techpriests, scientist and manufacturing plants.
    - Large army

    Anyhow, I'm not in the rules dev to post my IG fluff. This thread is about a new unit I thought up, it is "loosely" based on the NOD stealth tank, MK2. Both in looks and function, I will modify the MK2 nod tank abit in the model department, not sure what to use as a base yet, as it is kind off small'ish, larger than a dread, smaller than a chimera.

    Well, without further chit chat, I give you the

    Imperial Guard - Stealth Tank

    Elite 0-1

    Point Cost : 150 pts
    Unit Type : Tank
    Squadron Size : 1-3 Stealth Tanks

    Ballistic Skill : 4

    Front Armour = 11
    Side Armour = 11
    Rear Armour = 11

    1 - Krak Missile Battery
    1 - Heavy Flamer

    Special Rules

    Stealth Field
    Any enemy wishing to shoot at the stealth tank must roll 2d6 X 3 (6" - 36") to see if they can see it. If they roll under the range needed, then the unit looses its turn of shooting, as they look for a tank that never appears.

    May never move more than 8", as it need to move slowly to maintain its stealth field.
    It otherwise follows all normal rules for a vehicle.

    Range Strength AP Type
    Krak Missile Battery : 48" 8 3 Heavy 2*
    Heavy Flamer : Template 5 4 Heavy 1

    * AA - Mount

    After years of study imperial scientist where able to reverse engineer to a certain degree the stealth fields used by the Tau. They where only able to use it on a small objects at first.
    But as they now understood the principle behind the technology, they where soon able to use it on much larger objects.
    Along with several teams of engineers they started prototype construction and testing of what would later be known simply as the "Stealth Tank".
    Designed to fill heavy recon or covert escort duties, it was equipped with a new experimental Krak Missile Battery to deal with heavy infantry and aircraft or light vehicles, and a simple heavy flamer for close defense.

    Early test proved largely successful, with only a few problems. First the tank moved slower than even the leman russ at full speed, as it had to move cautiously to maintain the stealth field. The second being that the stealth field lost effectiveness the closer they moved to the enemy, until it was not effective at all.

    The first problem seemed to be mainly a limitation of the imperial understanding of the Tau stealth technology, and as such could not be fixed.
    The second problem however was eliminated in part by only using specially instructed elite tank crews. Their mandate being to stay at maximum weapons range as long as possible, and then withdraw if possible, behind heavier allied units.

    The Stealth tank now fills a distinguished role in its founding regiment.

    Hmph, copy paste = no bold or different font sizes... ah well, no matter.

    I made this largely because it fits with my regiment having broken off from normal imperial dogma, and thus being able to research xenos tech. Also, the stealth tank is just plain cool. And third, I firmly belive that the Imperial Guard is still lacking in the ELITE slot.

    But, is it overpowered? Undercosted? Just Right?

    I have not yet had a chance to playtest it. But I will proxy it this saturday I hope.
    Feel free to proxy it in your own games, and see what it can do.


    Sven-Arild (Valthonis)

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    Hi man,

    Sounds like it will be a cool tank, one thing i would say though is its a little bit expencive for what it does.

    i would suggest either upping its armour and giving it a second heavy flamer or dropping the whole cautious movement thing and making the vehicle fast.

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    Hmm, an interesting concept but I think your fluff needs work. Reverse engineer tau technology? The Imperium can barely reverse engineer their own technology. But still, this isn't the fluff forum, so I'll concentrate on your rules.

    Points cost: Too high. What you essentially get is a Hydra with Krak Missiles instead of Autocannons, during Night Fight with gimped engines. Either beef the tank up a little or lower the cost.

    FOC: Tanks in Elite? Move it to Fast or Heavy Support.

    Stats: BS 3 is the standard across every tank in the Imperial Guard. Drop this to 3 but perhaps consider making the Krak Missile Battery twin linked? AV's look okay.

    Special Rules: You could simplify the stealth field by saying "Any shooting against this unit is resolved using the Night Fight special rule". The Cautious rule is dumb. Why 8"? If you look at any range across the whole game, multiples of 6" are the norm. Drop it to 6" if you insist on having this rule.

    Or as Dragosanii12 said, consider dropping the Cautious rule and making the vehicle Fast. But if you add an extra flamer, isn't it just a poor man's very expensive Hellhound?

    I can't see this tank fitting into any particular role, which is the problem. Is it an AA mount? Hydra does it better. Is it an anti heavy infantry tank? Take a Manticore. What role should this tank fill? It's a slow-moving, lightly armoured and lightly armed tank that anyone within 21" can statistically fire at most of the time. Why would people take this when they could have a Leman Russ instead, for the same points?

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