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    New Apocalypse formation


    Costs: 100pts + Models

    This datasheet applies to all Space Marine or Space Marine Chapters (Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Space Marines and Space Wovles).

    Formation: 1 Non-vehicle Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support unit. Any unit with a special rule in which it has to make compulsory moves MAY NOT take this formation - they are too unreliable to defend their objectives.


    This Is My Objective: The unit must pick an objective upon deployment. That unit counts as a scoring unit only in regards to the objective it has selected. While the unit is within 12" of the objective, it is Fearless and has the Counter-attack special rule.

    I Shall Not Leave It: The unit has been entrusted to protect/hold its objective with their lives. It shall not willingly move more than 12" away from its objective even to help out its companions. If it cannot be deployed within 12" of its objective (i.e. if the objective it has selected is in the enemy deployment zone), then it must move as quickly as possible towards that objective. It gains the Fleet special rule but will forgo any shooting in order to get there as quickly as possible. If mounted in a transport, the transport will always go at maximum speed towards the objective until it is within 12" of the objective.

    For the Price of Failure Is Too Great: At the end of the game, if the DAAC (Defend At All Costs) player has no scoring units within claiming range of the DAAC objective, then the enemy gets the objective whether the enemy has a scoring unit there or not. However, if the DAAC unit is able to claim its selected objective, then it counts as 2 objectives instead. Only 1 of these objectives will ever count as double-objectives even if the player was to take multiple DAAC units/objectives.

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    logic and thinking

    Reprosul fundamental adus conceptiei psihop-genetice si sistemul stadial al lui Piaget, dincolo de varietatea formularii, pare a fi aceasta:increderea prea mare in natura umana pe fondul unei indiferente vizibile fata de "puterea educatiei". Psihologii rusi i-au reprosat lui Piaget o anumita cantonare in determinismul biologic, genetic si epi-genetic care nu i-ar fi permis sa vada marea maleabilitate si nondeterminismul fuindamental al psiho-genezei.

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