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Thread: Dredd

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    well ive started reading 2000ad and i thouht why not make judge dredd.

    so i have come up with a general stat line for him.

    Ws5 Bs6 S4 T4 W3 I5 A3 Ld10 Sv2+/4+

    lawmaster: the lawaster is an allpurpose law enforcement impact weapon used by judges to keep the peace.

    S4AP4 rng 18 pistol

    The law master counts as being a combi weapon with the following types of shots aswell as the normal fire (note these may only be used once.)

    Grenade launcher S5 AP6 Rng 12 S/blast
    Double whamie (from the film) S3 AP4 rng 12 assault 2
    stun S- Ap 1 rng 12 assault1

    when useing stun roll to hit as normal, on a roll of a 4+ when rolling to wound the model must take a Ld test if it fails the model is paralised and may not move until the end of the turn.
    for the conversion i had an idea of useing maranus celgars arm and useing a converted space marine with green stuff for the helm.

    i havent come up with any ideas for the bike yet so im open to suggestions

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    Call him an Arbites. SM bike with twin bolters, Inquisitor Lord stats, etc.
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