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    Isle of Albion Army List - Need help from experienced players for more ideas

    Hi all

    I have been working on this army list with some help from others, mostly on another forum, but although the forum is excellent it is not the busiest, so I decided to post the list here for feedback and constructive criticism from people here.

    The forum you can find the original work is - The Hammer and Anvil :: Home

    Full credit for the fluff ang magic lore that has been added must go to FireDrake, have also included a couple of his ideas for troops including the pixies, Truthsayers, Light Chariots

    While I enjoy designing and creating things (additions to existing rules / campaigns etc) I have only ever played around 15 games of Warhammer in my life, so I desperately need help and advice from more experienced players for this idea.

    Hope you can help with some of the following:-

    Points cost for the miniatures
    Additional Magic Items
    Rule Alterations / Additions
    Anything and I do mean anything constructive you can think of that will make the list more competitive and balanced.

    ----- ----- -----
    ----- ----- -----

    Warhammer Armies: Albion

    History of the Sacred Island

    The Creation
    "In a time before man first discovered the secret of fire, millennia before the the first Elf learned the art of the bow, a race known as the Old Ones forged the world. Legends tell of how they manipulated the ebb and flow of magic to mold the land to their will, and of how they sowed the seeds that formed the vast forests that cover the world. The races of Elves, Dwarfs and Men were like children to them, whom they nurtured and taught. It is said that even the great dragons were mere playthings to these godlike beings

    In time, the Old Ones chose the island of Albion as a location to build their homes. Little is known of their settlements as Albion has long been unapproachable, and the sacred sites are now guarded by ferocious creatures. They forged an island paradise where the sun shone bright and the crops flourished. Gathering together the wisest and bravest individuals of each race, they taught them magic and other skills. They demonstrated the secrets of runes to the Dwarfs and taught the Elves to master pure magic

    The Coming of Man
    The Old Ones believed that the race they called Man was too primitive to learn, but they were quickly surprised at the speed Man adapted to his surroundings. They were so impressed that they decided to teach a select few of the cave dwelling tribesmen some of their secrets. Those they taught went by the name of Truthsayers, for it was their duty to teach the other humans the true path to enlightenment. They instructed their students to spread across the world and populate continents, whilst all the time the Old Ones kept a watchful eye over their subjects. They in turn were worshipped as Gods and temples were erected in their honour. The race of Man impressed the Old Ones for he seemed to be able to adapt to any environment and small tribes soon flourished in every corner of the world

    The Fall of the Old Ones and the Arrival of Chaos
    Carvings upon the Slaan pyramid temples found deep within the jungles of Lustria and the earliest songs of the High Elf bards tell of a great disaster that befell the noble Old Ones. A magical gateway, their portal to other distant worlds, collapsed, and they were forced to flee the fledging world they'd created lest thy become stranded. Unable to help those races they had brought into the world, the Old Ones had little choice but to let them fend for themselves. Their parting gift was to create a race of giant warriors to protect the people of Albion

    The collapse of the gateway tore a great hole in the fabric of the heavens allowing the forces of chaos to pour into the world. as the chaos mists enveloped the land, hordes of gibbering Daemons and all manner of foul beasts descended from the North in a bloody rampage. Many of the wise Slaan, the highest servants of the Old Ones were the first to fall. A brave race, they tried to fight off the first wave of attackers, but were too few and too weak. They fled into hiding within the dense jungles of Lustria. Next the Chaos hordes turned their attentions to the High Elves, but the Old Ones had taught their children well. The High Elves constructed a vortex at the centre of the heart of Ulthuan to contain and drive back the dark mists. In their arrogance the High Elves thought they alone were the saviours of the world, but it was not so

    The Creation of the Stones
    By concentrating their attack on Ulthuan and leaving the isle of Albion, the Chaos hordes made a fatal error in their plan of conquest. The Truthsayers, or True-Druids as they were called by the people of Albion, gathered together the Giants and bade them construct a series of stone circles. With such immense strength at their disposal, the Truthsayers soon had a great many of these circles whose mystical properties would allow them to channel their spells and bind the forces of chaos to the North

    In many ways their mastery of this form of magic was greater than that of the Elves. Not only were they able to contain the Chaos mists but they were also able to use the stones to weave their own veil of fog around around their island, protecting what they called the Ogham Stone from danger. The Elves would have certainly been overrun had the Truthsayers not stayed the flow. However, the shrouding mists had side effects, the sun was obscured, the stone circles attracted storms and soon Albion's once fertile lands became the quagmire that they are today

    In absorbing much of the Chaos energy, the soil of Albion itself became tainted and once fertile fields soon changed into quagmires where a man could sink without a trace. The thick woods and forests became wild places where hawthorn and poisonous plants choked the life out from the trees. Many fear to enter these once beautiful glades and many of those who do are never seen again. Even the creatures of Albion were not able to escape the mutating effects of Chaos and after only a short period of time the tribes folk told tales of terrible monsters lurking in the darkest reaches, emerging at night to prey on the unwary

    It was a price the Truthsayers had little choice but to pay. If the dark forces of chaos were to be contained then Albion had to remain hidden. The Truthsayers gave the task of protecting these stone circles to the Giants who had constructed them. Said to have been formed from the Earth itself, these Giants were highly intelligent beings and knew the importance of their vigilance. For a while stability was created. The High Eves flourished as a race, learning much from their contact with other more primitive races such as Dwarf and Man

    The Deterioration
    The Truthsayers of Albion, on the other hand, were isolated. They preferred the safety of their remote isle to the danger of the outside world and became introverted and reclusive, starting the deterioration of the tribes. With the departure of the Old Ones and the Truthsayers they degenerated into a race of warring tribesmen and primitive cave dwellers. The Giants also suffered from their imposed isolation. Centuries of inbreeding dulled their minds. When the danger of Chaos vanished they became bored and restless and resorted to mindless displays of strength in order to pass away the time

    During all this time the Truthsayers continued to teach a chosen few of each generation their secret magic, waiting for the day when their masters would return. Each Truthsayer was taught in minute detail the ritual needed to maintain the mists around the island. They each learned the nature of the stones and the offerings that must be made so that the magical power of these stones would never wane. Over time, though, the ancient lores were slowly forgotten and, although the Truthsayers still practiced their art, it was but a shadow compared to the powers that they used to wield. Some practices still survive though and n the night of each full moon the Truthsayers gather and perform ceremonies in order that the mystical energies stayed bound to the stones

    The shrouding mists remained in place for centuries, and time passed Albion by. Great events happened, lifespans elapsed, more Chaos incursions came, and although it was never realised, Albion played a hand in stopping all of them. The legend of Albion and its white cliffs was popular and many adventurers attempted to find it. The only one who had any success was Losterikkson, who was never able to tame the savage land. With its existence proved, more punitive expeditions began, but none were successful

    The Dark Shadows
    Sometime during this, a dark presence arrived on Albion. It bided its time strengthening itself and subverting factions to its cause. it corrupted many Truthsayer and they became the dread Dark Emissaries. The presence revealed itself as the Dark master and war broke out. So thinly stretched were the Truthsayers that they had to let the mists collapse, finally Albion was open

    Both sides attempted to capitalize on this, sending out their messengers to recruit aid in their struggles. Many races answered, some for honour, some for greed, some merely out of curiosity, but few really realised the implications of the battle

    War waged on Albion for nigh on a year. Armies slaughtered each other in the fens, destroyed each other as they landed, Ogham Stones were cast down and tribes culled. At the aftermath of the climax the Truthsayers had held, barely. the Lizardmen had taken the Bastion of the Old Ones and were holding it, whilst the High Elves protected the remaining Ogham stones. the Dark Master fled, but his disciples remained and continue to battle till this day

    The price to Albion had been high. Many Truthsayers and tribesmen were dead, artifacts stolen, and Albion was being turned into provinces by various races. Evil was even more prominent, and the Truthsayers feared the worst. Even worse, they could not summon their mists so they lay ever open to attacks

    The Treachery of the Lizardmen
    It was in this time that the Lizardmen, supposed servants of the Old Ones, turned on the Truthsayers and attempted to wipe warm-blooded life from Albion. For months savage beasts hunted down the defenceless tribes. Exhausted from their long battles, the Truthsayers could but watch

    For once, however, fortune favoured Albion. The increasing Dark Elf raids on Lustria forced the Lizardmen to leave, believing the land to be theirs, leaving a skeleton force to protect it

    The New Age
    The Truthsayers used this time to strike back, across the island, lizards vanished in the night, and the verdent tropical greenery began to die. The Truthsayers were unleashing their last forces to reclaim their homeland. As they mustered the final assault on the Forge of the Old Ones, they were shocked by a surrender of the foe. The commanding slaan, Izixculthec had spoken with the spirits lurking within the bastion, and had ruled that the Truthsayers were indeed part of the Great Plan and should survive to protect Albion, thus an alliance was formed

    They gathered the tribes together and taught them for over a decade. They civilised them and crafted an army that could defend Albion fully against the oppressors. The new force fell on upon the remaining invaders with fury. They recaptured most of the sacred land and granted the Truthsayers a power-base and resources for the following conflict. They continue to attempt to cleanse their island and sent out expeditions to reclaim artifacts

    They were too involved on Albion to help in the Storm of Chaos, but they sent some warbands which harassed the beastmen and prevented many ambushes. They also journeyed to Ulthuan to prevent the power of the Waystones falling into the hands of the enemy. With the forces of chaos stopped, the council resolved to eradicate Chaos from the Old World. They have sent thousands of their troops, and now the armies of Albion can be seen marching all over the world

    ----- -----

    The Warhost of the Truthsayers

    The Truthsayers
    Also known as true druids by the people of Albion, when thee Old ones still walked the Earth they selected a few of the most promising of men and taught them many arcane secrets, with the intention that they pass these on and guide mankind to enlightenment. After the disappearance of the Old Ones they have bound chaos to the North with the Ogham stones. During the deterioration the Truthsayer continued to remain in seclusion passing on their secrets in isolation. But with the advent of the Dark Shadows they have been forced to take a more active role, guiding their most reliable allies in both the defense of Albion and the oppression of chaos

    Giant Clans
    Although far fewer in number than before the coming of the Lizardmen, Giant tribes can still be found scattered around the isles, mostly keeping themselves to themselves, but occasionally can be called upon by the Truthsayers in times of need to join the battle with the Woads and defend Albion. Each clan has its own chieftain, the strongest of which is by far known as Argos, the Giant King

    Chieftains of the Tribes
    During the deterioration the tribes of Albion reverted to a primitive state where the strong ruled. These emerging warlords were brave men but technologically inept. The Truthsayers have since recruited them to their cause giving them secrets of metal-working and other skills in return from their services. The warlords now lead their forces hungry to please their masters

    Lesser religions also thrived on Albion. These lesser Druids are considered far inferior to Truthsayers and were increasingly excluded to fen communities where they worshipped and practiced the art of sacrifice. They disappeared during Dark Shadows, although rumours persist of seeing them with the forces of evil. With the immediate threat over they have returned, more powerful and with a strange connection with the chaos taint that now stains Albion

    The Tribesmen of Albion / Woads
    During the deterioration the tribes of Albion reverted to a primitive state where the strong ruled. These tribes lived in turmoil until the Truthsayers returned. The have since learned secrets of metal-working and other skills in return from their services in battle.

    Some tribesmen are so devoted to war that they have made it their entire life. They join one of the myriad cults to the gods of violence. They live for battle, eschewing mundane protection in favor of their faith and berserk fury

    Woads - Brave warriors that paint their faces and bodies in blue dye before battle

    Berserkers - Ferocious warriors lacking any fear and a terrifying sight for any enemy

    Screaming Women - Unlike most other nations in the Old World, Woad women will not be left out of battle and have developed a high pitch wailing sound that can send fear into the hearts of any living creature

    Swamp Pixies
    On a magical land such as Albion fey creatures thrive. One of the most communal of these are the Swamp Pixies. They scavenge off the tribes as an efficient way of living. Like many other scavengers they are malicious and child-like, though they display a fair degree of intelligence which has emerged since the coming of chaos

    The taint of chaos affected many members of the northern tribes, but more so the tribe of Giants known as the Gegenees, wracking their bodies with painful mutations. Many of these abominations have been purged, but some have been recruited by the Fen-Druids and some are now rumored to contain minor daemons

    Hearth Guard
    In all armies there are an elite, and Albion is no exception. The chieftains all have small groups of trusted retainers who guard them loyally in battle. However, these men are not always as loyal as they seem, as all men crave power and their charge often has it

    Wild Animals
    Many powerful creatures thrive in Albion's countryside, the Giant Wolf and Giant Bear are two of the most ferocious. However, tribes have managed to domesticate them and have used them in their culture for centuries. Although not as dangerous as their wild cousins, these predators are still a dangerous force

    The mainstay of the giants found on Albion, mostly younger inexperienced Giants that have not experienced many battles, but are still a considerable threat to any enemy facing them

    Very rare and usually solitary, these Giants are truly awe inspiring in size and in times of need, although never called upon, will often be found tearing up enemy foes when least expected


    Albion Army Special Rules

    All units in the Albion list (except Dogs of War and Allies) may move through any swampy terrain and suffer one less movement penalty than normal. Difficult terrain is treated as open ground, very difficult as difficult; impassable remains impassable.
    Note: They still take casualties from being in a morass

    Used to Bad Weather:
    Albion’s weather is appalling on all scales, and in comparison many harsh climates seem gentle. Warriors of Albion are very resistant to similar effects and will fight on as if they weren’t even there
    This means that ALL units in the Albion list (except Dogs of War and Allies) have the following rules

    - Any reductions to Ballistic skill tests due to rain and fog are reduced by one (so -1 is treated as no change)
    - Any penalties to the distances units can see through these effects are reduced by D6”
    - Treat any “bad weather” conditions as having one point less of strength than they actually do.

    However, they’re also very unaccustomed to extreme heat, and thus with any tests made to do with heat they add one to their roll.

    Units with the Raiders special rule fight in a disorganized mass rather than ordered ranks and files.

    - Unit can only charge if at least the number of the models in the front rank are within normal charge distance of the enemy unit.
    -They gain normal rank bonuses in combat just like ordinary ranked units, but only up to a maximum of two.

    Some of Albion’s troops are much more confident in large warbands where their morale is bolstered by the presence of their comrades. Although they are untrained and independent troops, they are not cowardly and can prove exceedingly tenacious in some circumstances.
    Add +1 to units LD for every rank above 2.
    All Albion troops with this rule are -1 LD when attempting to rally
    When Charging, Warbands always count as outnumbering the enemy (for first round of combat only)

    In addition:

    At the beginning of each turn roll a D6 for each unit with the Warbands rule out of combat or not performing a kind of compulsory movement. On the roll of a 1, roll again and consult the table below:

    1-3: The mass confusion of the battle and the troops lack of discipline has led to confusion in the ranks about the plan. The unit stays still for the turn trying to reorganize

    4-6: The warriors hot-headed nature gets the better of them and they surge towards the enemy, intent on violence. Move the unit the maximum distance towards an enemy unit possible under normal rules, charging if possible

    Furious Charge:
    The giants of Albion are more disciplined and trained in the art of war compared to other giants of the world. To represent this, when a Giant of Albion charges an enemy unit, they inflict 1 Strength 5 Impact hit.

    Argos and the Titan inflict 2 Strength 5 Impact hits.


    The Warhost of Albion


    Argos the Giant King

    Argos the Giant king is both good in nature and ferocious in combat, having served the Truthsayers of Albion faithfully for over 30 years his charismatic nature and immense size has made him the most renowned and respected Giant chieftain on Albion.
    Unlike their Chaos brothers who have been distorted and warped by the chaos energies, the Giants of Albion retain a sense of purpose and although not as intelligent a race as they once were on the whole, several, including Argos have a keen brain and the intelligence to think tactically on the battlefield.

    Special Rules
    Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Terror, Fen-Dweller, Stubborn, Fall Over, Longshanks, Furious Charge

    See Warhammer Rulebook

    Fall Over
    See Warhammer Rulebook
    (Argos can ignore his first “fall over” result)

    Special Attacks
    See Warhammer Rulebook


    Althairne the Truthsayer

    Special Rules
    Fen-Dweller, Power of the Ages, Lord of the Truthsayers

    Power of the Ages: Althairne is the greatest living Truthsayer and has honed his skills over many battles, Althairne can add +1 to all casting attempts.

    Lord of the Truthsayers: Althairne has a degree of control over all other Druids on the battlefield. Althairne can add or subtract 1 to any miscast result for any Druid on the field of battle.

    Magic Items
    Triskele: The magical symbol of their office, it also focuses positive energies onto Truthsayers, protecting them from harm.
    Althairne has a 5+ ward save in close combat, a 4+ ward save vs shooting, he also has magic resistance 1

    Birchwood Staff: Althairnes staff contains one random spell generated from the Lore of Beasts, the spell can be cast as a bound spell, the power of the spell is set at the power level required to cast.



    Also known as true druids by the people of Albion, when thee Old ones still walked the Earth they selected a few of the most promising of men and taught them many arcane secrets, with the intention that they pass these on and guide mankind to enlightenment. After the disappearance of the Old Ones they have bound chaos to the North with the Ogham stones. During the deterioration the Truthsayers continued to remain in seclusion passing on their secrets in isolation. But with the advent of the Dark Shadows they have been forced to take a more active role, guiding their most reliable allies in both the defense of Albion and the oppression of chaos marching to war with their fellow inhabitants of Albion.

    Armed with sword, light armor

    Can be upgraded to level 4 Wizard for +35 pts
    Can be mounted on horseback for +15 pts
    Can be barded for +5 pts
    Can carry up to 100 pts of magic items
    Can choose spells from the Lore of Beasts for +15 pts
    Can choose spells from the Lore of Life for +10 pts

    Special Rules




    Men who have been selected by the Truthsayers as possessing the insight and ability to learn the secret ways, while not as powerful as their equivalents of other races, Druids are still skilled in the art of magic and have learned many spells to not only bolster their allied forces, but cause havoc and disruption amongst the enemy forces.

    Armed with sword, light armor

    Can be upgraded to level 2 Wizard for +35 pts
    Can be mounted on horseback for +15 pts
    Can be barded for +5 pts
    Can carry up to 50 pts of magic items
    Can choose spells from the Lore of Beasts for +15 pts
    Can choose spells from the Lore of Life for +10 pts

    Men who have been selected by the Truthsayers as possessing the insight and ability to learn the secret ways, while not as powerful as their equivalents of other races, Druids are still skilled in the art of magic and have learned many spells to not only bolster their allied forces, but cause havoc and disruption amongst the enemy forces.

    Special Rules



    Hunthrith has long been a loyal follower of Argos the giant king and is considered almost an equal when it comes to respect amongst the giant kin of the island. Hunthrith has proven time and time again what a ferocious warrior he is, showing an almost disrespect for fear and danger. He can often be found leading the giant clans to war in the time of need and will always find himself at the front lines where he can do most damage to any enemy stupid enough to stand in his way.

    Armed with sword, light armor

    Can have Heavy Armor for +10 Pts
    Can have Great Weapon for +12 Pts
    Can have Additional Weapon for +6 Pts
    Can carry up to 50 pts worth of magic items

    Special Rules
    Immune to Psychology, Large Target, Fear, Fen-Dweller, Stubborn, Fall Over, Longshanks, Furious Charge


    Woad Chieftain

    The Chieftains of the Woads are ferocious men indeed, their whole lives being devoted to fighting and war. A Chieftain is selected by each clan by means of “the strongest shall rule” which decrees that to lead your people, you must be the most competent fighter in the clan, often leading to chieftains that lack much brain power, but the Druids and Truthsayers of Albion are always there to ensure the people are looked after. It is the Chieftains role to ensure his people are ready for war.

    Armed with sword, light armor

    Can have Heavy Armor for +6 Pts
    Can have a Shield for +3 Pts
    Can have Great Weapon for +6 Pts
    Can have Additional Weapon for +3 Pts
    Can ride a Warhorse for +15 Pts
    Can be barded for +5 pts
    Can carry up to 50 pts worth of magic items

    Special Rules
    Fen-Dweller, Resolute

    Any unit joined by a Chieftain can re-roll any failed Break / Panic / Rally tests


    Core Troops


    Armed with club (hand weapon)

    Can have Additional Weapon for +4 Pts
    Can have a Great Weapon for +8 pts
    Can have a Musician for 10 pts
    Can have Standard for 20 Pts
    Can have a Champion for 20 Pts

    Special Rules
    Furious Charge, Fen-Dweller, Fall Over, Longshanks


    Woad Warriors

    Armed with swords (hand weapon)

    Can have a shield +1 pts/model
    Can have Additional Hand Weapon +1 pts/model
    Can have Great Weapons +2 pts/model
    Can have Musician for +4 Pts
    Can have Standard Bearer for +8 Pts
    Can have a Champion for +8 Pts

    Special Rules
    Raiders , Warbands , Fen-Dweller


    Woad Cavalry

    Armed with swords (hand weapon)

    Can have a Shield +1 pts/model
    Can have Light Armor +1 Pts/model
    Can have Spears +1 pts/model
    Can have Great Weapons +2 pts/model
    Can have Musician for +6 Pts
    Can have Standard for +12 Pts
    Can have Champion for +12 Pts

    Special Rules
    Warbands, Fen-Dweller, Fast Cavalry, Cavalry Masters

    Cavalry Masters
    Woad Cavalry are among the best horsemen in the world, having being in the saddle from almost infancy riding bareback.
    Woad Cavalry are counted as fast cavalry even with a shield + armor combination, in addition, when pursuing or fleeing, roll 3 D6 and discard the lowest result.


    Woad Light Chariot

    2 Crew armed with swords (hand weapon), light armor + 1 Driver

    2 Crew members can have a bow for +1 pt/model
    2 Crew members can have a long bow for +2 pts/model
    2 Crew member can have Spears +1 pt/model
    Can have scythes for +10 pts

    Special Rules
    Fen-Dweller, Expert Drivers

    Albion’s Chariots are of a lighter and more nimble construction than all others, this enables them greater speed but sacrifices durability. Albion Light Chariots follow all Chariot rules form pages 126-128 of the Warhammer Rule book with the following exceptions:

    -They may march
    -They follow the fast cavalry rules for shooting and fleeing (Note they retain a chariot’s all round line of sight)
    -They are auto-destroyed by hits of Strength 6+, crew must take 1 S5 wound, if they survive, place them where the chariot would of been.
    -They cause D3 impact hits (+1 for the scythes)

    Expert Drivers: The drivers of Albions Chariots have trained since reaching Albion’s adulthood for their job. A key aspect beyond controlling the hurtling construction is to be able to negotiate Albion’s various marshes successfully. Though by no means fool-proof, Albion’s Charioteers have been witnessed to perform stunning feats in navigating the marshes. When entering any type of swampy terrain they may take an initiative test to avoid suffering damage. If passed and the chariot finishes fully outside the terrain feature then no damage is taken.


    Giant Wolves

    Special Rules:-

    Thick coat, 6+ armor save

    Wild Nature - Although considered an ally to the Albion army, if the unit is ever broken in combat and flees through an allied unit, the allied unit must take a number of hits = to the number of wolves passing through the unit, resolved at wolves WS + S with normal saves allowed.


    Special Troops

    Bear + Handlers

    3 Handlers armed with whip (hand weapon), light armor

    Handlers can have Sword (2 hand weapons) for +2 Pts

    Special Rules:-
    Thick Coat - Bears are coated in a very thick fur coat which gives them a 5+ save
    Causes Fear



    Special Rules:-
    Fen-Dweller, fear, Deformed, Stupid

    Deformed: Giant tribe with multiple limbs, Number of attacks set at D3+2 attacks per model

    Fear: The mutants of Albion are an abomination to man, causing all who look to shy away in fear. Mutants cause fear.

    Stupidity: Although powerful, these giants are lacking in brain power, unit is stupid


    Woad Berserker's

    Double handed axe/sword (great weapon)

    Can have Musician for +6 Pts
    Can have Champion for +14 Pts

    Special Rules:-
    Fanatical - Berserkers feel no pain hence have a 6+ ward save
    Frenzied - Berserkers follow all the rules for frenzied units


    Hearth Guard

    Sword, Shield, Heavy Armor

    Can have Great Weapons for +2 pts per model
    Can have Musician for +6 Pts
    Can have Standard for +12 Pts
    Can have Champion for +12 Pts

    Special Rules:-
    Fen-Dweller, Stubborn, Warbands


    Druid Neophytes

    Sickle (hand weapon)

    Can have Light Armor for +1 pts per model
    Can have Double Handed Scythe (great weapon) for +2 pts per model
    Can have Poisoned attacks for +2 pts per model
    Can have Musician for +6 Pts
    Can have Standard for +12 Pts
    Can have Priest for +20 Pts
    Priest can carry a magic item worth up to 25pts chosen from the Talisman/Arcane/Enchanted lists

    Priest can select 1 free bound spell, randomly chosen from the Lore of Life. This spell is cast at power level 3 regardless of the spells actual power. (The Priest does Not count as a wizard in any other means)

    Special Rules:-
    Magic Resistance 1
    6+ Ward Save



    Special Rules:-
    Fen-Dweller, Fly, Magical, Befuddling Glamor
    Swarm - Pixies follow the rules for swarms

    Magical: Swamp Pixies are inherently magical, able to survive blows that should crush their fragile bodies and dissipate magic as it approaches. Swamp Pixies have Magic Resistance (1), magical attacks and a 6+ ward

    Fly: The creatures of Albion's swamps move in a myriad of different ways, but many are served with varying forms of wing, allowing them crude flight. Units of swamp pixies may fly 12”.

    Befuddling Glamor: The so called marsh-lights that decorate Albion’s mires are caused by the swamp pixies to lead the unwary astray. They cause undue attention to be drawn to these weak creatures. Swamp Pixies count as being man-sized in regards to targeting, so can not be shot over.


    Rare Troops

    Bolt Thrower

    Crew armed with hand weapon

    Special Rules:-
    Less Stable - Roll a D6 before firing the weapon.
    1-4 = Can fire as normal
    5 = Can not fire this round
    6 = Bolt Thrower takes 1 S5 Hit with no save

    Lacks Technology - First hit is resolved at S5, with models in next rank resolved at S4 etc (not S6 then S5 etc)



    Club/Blade (hand weapon)

    Additional Hand Weapon +8 Pts
    Great Weapon + 12 Pts

    Special Rules:-
    Fen-Dweller, Large Target, Terror, Stubborn, Fall Over, Longshanks, Furious Charge


    Screaming Women

    Armed with two hand weapons

    Can have a Wench for +14 Pts
    Can have Light Armor for +1 Pt/Model

    Special Rules:-
    Fen-Dweller, Raiders, Wailing Voices, Loved Ones

    Wailing Voices:- cause fear, can be used as a magic missile directed at a unit within 18", unit tests for panic with -1 Modifier

    Loved Ones:- Once the enemy brings close combat vs the women, all Woad units on the field suffer from Hatred against the enemy army.

    If the women unit is ever defeated, all Woad warrior units become stubborn


    Lore of the Truthsayers

    D6 . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Spell Casting value
    1 Wings of Fate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5+
    2 Light of Battle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6+
    3 Boon of Courage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7+
    4 Blessing of Valour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8+
    5 Voice of Command . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9+
    6 Gift of Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10+

    A flock of enchanted birds is conjured to attack his enemies.
    The flock is a magic missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the flock hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 2 hits with normal saves allowed.

    A chosen regiment of warriors is protected by a shimmering barrier that deflects enemy missiles and blows. This spell can be cast on one friendly unit anywhere on the battlefield, even if engaged in close combat. All models in the unit receive a 5+ Ward save until the beginning of the
    caster’s next turn.

    The warriors hear the commanding voice of the Truthsayer in their minds, calling upon their honor and bidding them to fight on, no matter how desperate their situation has become. This spell can be cast on one friendly unit anywhere on the battlefield, even if it is engaged in close combat. If successfully cast, the unit is Unbreakable until the beginning of the caster’s next turn. If cast on a fleeing unit, the unit immediately rallies, regardless of how many models are left.

    Remains in play
    The prayers of the Truthsayer are heeded in the heavens and his warriors are filled with the strength and skills of the gods of hunting and battle.
    This spell can be cast on a friendly unit which is anywhere on the battlefield, even if it is engaged in close combat. If successfully cast, all models that are in the unit get a bonus of +1 to all their rolls to hit (both shooting and close
    combat attacks). Once it is cast, the Blessing remains in play until it is dispelled, or until the Wizard chooses to end it (which he can do at any time), attempts to cast another spell or is slain.

    Hearing the booming voice of the Truthsayer, an enemy regiment suddenly stops in its tracks, doubt filling their minds, hesitation paralysing their limbs.
    This spell can be cast on any enemy unit on the table. The unit must immediately take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the unit immediately loses all its fighting spirit. The affected unit cannot move in its next Movement phase (except if the unit is subject to some form of compulsory movement, such as fleeing, stupidity, etc). In addition, the unit cannot shoot in its next Shooting phase. This spell has no effect on models that are Immune to Psychology.

    GIFT OF LIFE 10+
    Dying warriors that are lying broken on the battlefield are granted a new chance, their bodies are healed of all wounds and their strength is returned to them. Each unit in the player’s army is given back one model that
    has been removed as a casualty during the game. The model is placed back in its original unit, with its full complement of Wounds. The spell has no effect on units that have been destroyed or fled off the table. All characters, chariots and models with 4 or more Wounds on their profile who have been wounded get one lost Wound back. This spell has no effect on war machines (but it can restore a lost crew member).

    ----- ----- -----
    ----- ----- -----

    Artifacts of the Old Ones

    Magic Weapons

    Null Blade - 100 Pts
    Made of pure obsidian and ringing heavily with powerful anti-magics this blade is brought out of the vaults only for the most worthy champions.
    Blade adds +1S to character wielding it, in addition for every hit caused against an enemy carrying a magical item, on a D6 roll of 3+ a magical item is destroyed (in order of Weapon / Armour / Talisman / Arcane / Enchanted)

    Thorn Lash - 50 Pts
    Made from vines of the old forest, this whip moves with a life of its own, flying out to attack at a blistering speeds.
    Gives the bearer +2 Attacks and +1 Initiative

    Eviscerators of Hordek -50pts
    The greatest Fen-Druid possessed these barbed knives, they were seen to cause agonizing pain with the slightest touch.
    A pair of daggers that take two hands to use. The bearer gains +1 Attack. In addition his close combat attacks are poisoned and do D3 wounds

    Bow of the Moors -40 Pts
    Can only be taken by Woad Chieftain
    Found in an abandoned shrine deep in the island, this bow is made of an unearthly metal, and has a string made from a substance never seen before. Even after the millennia it remains a weapon of awe.
    In their shooting phase the bearer may use the bow. It counts as a Strength 4 bow with multiple shots x2

    Giant Slayer - 30pts
    Taken from a vanquished chaos champion, this weapon has been known to decapitate giants and split boulders with a single blow.
    Adds +2 to the bearers strength

    Blade of the Wind - 30pts
    As if possessed by nature itself this blade moves with a mind of its own
    User has the Always strike first rule

    Axe of retribution – 20pts
    This ancient weapon has seen more combat than can be accounted for by the human mind
    User can re-roll failed “to hit” rolls

    Magic Armour

    Armor of Oak - 50pts
    This armor has been imbued with the power of the Truthsayers and is incredibly resilient, deflecting all but the most deadly blows.
    Armour grants +1 Toughness to its wearer

    Moor Armour -40pts
    This mail has the same consistency as a marsh, sucking in opponents strikes absorbing their power.
    All attacks made against the bearer are made at -1 Strength. It also grants a 6+ armour save which may be combined with other equipment normally

    Defense of the Earth People - 40pts
    Seized from a fallen dwarf treasure hunter, this gromril armour is beyond anything on Albion in its protective qualities.
    Grants the wearer a 1+ save that can not be improved by any means.

    Elf Helm - 30pts
    Taken from a fallen ally, this helm imbues the wearer with great courage.
    Gives the wearer a 6+ save that can be combined with other equipment normally, it also grants the wearer +1 to their Leadership

    Ogham Armour - 30pts
    This leather armour is inlaid with shards of destroyed Ogham stones, which guard him like they once did the island.
    Ogham Armour counts as Light Armour and also gives the wearer a 5+ ward save

    Hide of the Lizard -20pts
    The lizard folk banished the people of Albion from their homeland and many will never forgive that act of violence. Many tribes have made cloaks of the skin of slain lizards. Though this act of defiance may terrify some of the lizards, many more will simply wish to slay the wearer.
    5+ Scaly skin save, Causes Fear against Lizardmen, Lizardmen Armies hate the wearer


    Earthbound – 50pts
    The natural strength of nature itself has been withdrawn and embedded in this amulet, which radiates power throughout the wearer.
    Gives the bearer an +1 in crease to their Toughness.

    Old Ones Defence - 50pts
    This ancient item has been seen to project an impenetrable shield round the bearer when threatened, its power is easily drained however.
    Ignore 1st wound the bearer suffers

    Cloak of mist - 40pts
    The wearer is shrouded in the same impenetrable mists as Albion's coasts once were. It is a formidable defense.
    For one turn the bearer and his unit may not be shot at. Guess-range weapons must roll double the normal number of artillery dice if they target within 6" of the bearer's unit

    Bracer of Purity - 25pts
    Gives the bearer and the unit he is with Magic Resistance (1) in addition the bearer is feared by all Chaos and Skaven models unless otherwise immune to psychology

    Arcane Items

    Magic Catcher -75pts
    Contains D3+1 bound spells randomly selected from one basic lore. These may be cast once each as bound spells with power levels equivalent to their base casting values. The same spell may not be contained within twice

    Staff of Summoning - 50pts
    The bearer may add his current unit’s rank bonus (max +2) to his spell’s casting total. One use per turn

    Scroll of Eternities -35pts
    Counts as a Dispel scroll, but may be retained for further use if a 5+ is rolled on a D6 after it is used

    Book of the Truthsayer - 20pts
    The bearer has 1 more spell than is normally allowed by his level

    Ogham Shard -10pts
    Created from the shattered Ogham circles, these stones blazed with barely controlled energy.
    Can be used in the magic phase. Irresistible force is caused by any double rolled that turn for the wizard except double 1, which still causes miscasts. In addition up to 3 of these shards can be taken instead of just one.
    One use for each shard, must be declared as being used before casting.

    Enchanted Items

    Avarn Moss - 50pts
    Taken from the mountains, this closes grievous wounds within seconds.
    One use only. May heal any model in base contact (including the bearer) up to full wounds. This may not bring any model back to life, and may not be used on undead constructs such as undead, daemons, chariots or other war machines

    Vortex Box -40pts
    Once per battle, in the shooting phase, place a large template over the bearer, all units (friend or foe excluding any unit the bearer is with) that are touched by the template must take a panic test except the Bearer’s unit. The bearer and his unit will then cause fear for the rest of the game

    Ring of Death -35pts
    Bound Spell, power level 4: Ray of Destruction.
    Ray of Destruction: Projects a line 24" in the casters LOS.
    All models under it take a S4 hit

    Kilt of Agog -25pts
    A great Orga was owned by the giant Agog, he had trained it to ferociously defend his territory, when it was finally slain this Kilt was soaked in its blood and is rumoured to impart the same ferocity on its wearer.
    The bearer suffers from frenzy but gains +1 S and +1 Attack (on top of frenzied attack for +2 total)

    Magic Standards

    Banner of the Void - 70pts
    Once the unit carrying this banner charges an enemy, a magical barrier will be created round the combat. Whilst inside this barrier neither unit will break or flee for any reason, and no unit may join the combat, or shoot/cast magic into it. Once one side is destroyed the barrier falls.

    If two units declare charges against the carrying unit, only the one that declared it first may engage. If the unit itself simultaneously charges two enemy units, all three will be involved in the combat and suffer the effects described.

    Totem of Courage -60pts
    +D3 combat resolution

    Trophy of the Beastslayer -50pts
    This unit always wounds on a 4+ regardless of unit strength

    Banner of Banishment -45pts
    Grants the unit Magic Resistance (2). In addition all daemons in base contact take one wound each per magic phase, saves are allowed

    Standard of Freedom - 30pts
    The unit is Immune to Psychology

    Icon of the Morass -30pts
    Remains in play
    Bound Spell Power Level 3, 24" range, unit counts as being in a morass
    A Morass is difficult terrain and any unit moving through it loses takes D6 S3 Hits per movement phase

    Banner of Invigoration -20pts
    Unit gains +1 Initiative

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