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    Tower of Damnation rules for Apoc

    I am looking to include the Fortress of Redemption model in my Apocalypse games. I have converted it to serve Chaos and have written some rules for it. Here they are:

    Tower of Damnation

    Appearing as if from nowhere, the Traitor Legions are able to call forth their fortresses from the Eye of Terror to solidify their grip on whatever world they are conquering. This is done through vile, demonic pacts who are able to materialize whole fortress complexes to further the aims of Chaos.

    BS: 4 AV: 14/14/14 Void Shields: 1 Structure Points: 5

    Weapons: Turbo Destructor Laser (Twin-linked S: 10 AP: 2; primary weapon), Missile Silo (Indirect-fire Ordnance S: 8 AP: 3; primary weapon), 4 Heavy Bolters

    Capacity: 3 squads of any size with same restrictions as a Rhino

    Fire-Points: The complex counts as open topped for firing purposes. It is not open topped for damage purposes.

    Access Point: 1

    Special Rules: Due its ability to materialize upon the battlefield, the Tower of Damnation is placed within the Chaos deployment zone after sides are chosen but before units are set up. Terrain may be rearranged to accommodate the Tower.

    "They say the Darkness consumes you. They don't say what happens after It's done."

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    Just a few questions for you here:

    1/ What's the points cost for the model?

    2/ What do you mean by "with the same restrictions as a rhino"? Because a rhino can only hold 1 unit, the fortress already breaks one restriction, so you might be better off to just list the specific restrictions rather than using the rhino comparison.

    3/ If you need to move scenery to accommodate the fortress, how exactly is that done? I think you need to put in some specific details about the process in order to prevent unscrupulous players from using the deployment of the fortress specifically to alter the battlefield to their advantage.

    Other than that, I think the idea is pretty cool- the idea of a fortress materializing from the warp is really creepy.

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    What is the full profile of each of the primary weapons? Specifically how many shots?

    Perhaps it would be more fitting to simply remove any obstructing terrain under the tower, since the tower itself is a pretty big replacement.

    Anyway, cool idea. You might also tinker with the idea of deep striking the tower and reducing the distance like with pods.

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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