Just finished reading Daemon World by ben counter for the 4th or 5th time. I was bored at work earlier today, and was wondering how one would represent some of the characters in book. Here's my shot at Ss'll Sh'Karr:
quick question to anyone that read the book...was he a daemon prince, or a bloodthirster? He is referenced throughout the book as being a daemon prince, but Lexicanum has him labeled as a bloodthirster...

A Chaos Daemons army or Chaos Space Marine army may take Ss'll Sh'Karr as an HQ choice

Points: 210
Ss'll Sh'Karr, daemon prince of Khorne
8 5 6 6 4 4 5 10 3+/5++/FnP

type: monsterous creature

Brass Skeleton- His entire skeleton and skull are forged from brass. The effect of this is a 3+ armor save, and the "Feel no Pain" USR.
Daemonic Flight- His wings, while also made of brass, allow him to fly.
Mark of Khorne(extra attack already included in profile)

Special Rules:
Insane Bloodlust(...for lack of a better name)- Whenever Ss'll Sh'Karr rolls a "1" on his attack dice, the attack is carried onto a friendly model within 2".
Oceans of Blood- Whenever Ss'll Sh'Karr arrives from deepstrike, any enemy infantry models and friendly models without the Mark of Khorne within 12" must immediately take an toughness test to avoid being swept away by the tide of blood. Any models that fail this test must immediately make a fall back move. Models that pass or fail this test move as if in difficult terrain until the beginning of the chaos player's next turn.

Comments, suggestion? Let me know what you think. I've got some ideas for characters from other BL books in the works, too.