Well given that I have a mild addiction to AvP I thought i'd create some rules for Predator.

WS: 5
BS: 5
S: 4
T: 3
W: 3
I: 5
A: 3
Ld: 10
Sv: - / 4+

Unit Size: 1
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Visor, Wristband, Plasma Caster, Wristblades
Special Rules: Ancient Hunter, Fleet, Stealth, Acute Senses

Ancient Hunter: The entire Yautja race is based upon the art of hunting it's prey. Those that pass the trials to adulthood are truely gifted. They know how to survive and how to kill.

The Predator has a 4+ invulnerable save.

Visor: With inbuilt vision enhancements, the visor can provide various types of vision modes dependent on the prey it is hunting. This gives it a huge edge on the battlefield.

Grants Acute Senses. In addition, enemy units infiltrating may not deploy outside of their deployment zone where the Predator can draw line of sight.

Wristband: A multipurpose tool used by the Predator. It is used to drain energy to support the Predators energy based weapons, as a self destruct device with devastating effect and can also form a stealth field around the Predator.

-When in base contact with a vehicle the Predator may roll and additional D6 for armour penetration to represent its ability to drain power. However a vehicle can never suffer worse than immobilised. If it does suffer an immobilised result, all power has been drained and as a result, it may no longer shoot.

-When the Predator is killed turn it on its side exactly where it is. It still counts as a casualty. Exactly one turn later (if killed in the shooting phase of your enemy, then start this in their next shooting phase), measure 4d6" from where the Predator fell. All models within this distance take a S10 AP1 hit. Cover saves are the only saves allowed against this devastating blast.

-At the start of your turn, declare if the Predators stealth field is active. While it is active, the enemy may not target the Predator for shooting or assault unless it can pass an initiative test within 6" of it. If the Predator assaults a unit while it is cloaked, it counts as having I10. However, it will lose the stealth field effect.

Wrist Blades: Each Predator is equipped with a pair of Wristblades that are able to decimate whatever they come into contact with.

Counts as two Power Weapons.

Plasma Caster: A shoulder mounted cannon that is given to a Predator that passes the trials.

The Plasma Caster has 2 types of fire. Focus and Burst.

-Focus: Range- 30" / Strength- 6 / AP- 1 / Heavy 1, Blast
-Burst: Range- 18" / Strength- 6 / AP- 2 / Assault 3

Due to the energy required to the fire the weapon, the Predator loses stealth field for the turn.

In addition to the above, the Predator may choose one of the following weapons. These can be used in addition to the Plasma Caster each round:

Disc: A disc the Predator throws that can cut through numerous enemies with one throw.

Range- 18" / Strength- 4 / AP- 3 / Assault D6

Spear: A spear fitted with a special system that allows the Predator to throw it great distances.

Range- 30" / Strength- 8 / AP- 1 / Heavy 1