This is what personally irks me the most about the current Majority Rules:
Basically, minority models with better WS or T in a unit can sustain damage from a hit to a majority model (with worse stats) if enough attacks and wounds are made, and I at least haven't noticed any rule that would say that only the majority models would take casualties in such a situation.

Only the Mixed Armour rules allow models to use their own stat when defending against an attack that hits them.

So my house rule is that Majority rules work in a similar fashion to the Mixed Armour rule. See the Mixed Armour rules on 4thEd book page 76, and basically replace references to Armour saves with Toughness or Weapon Skill as appropriate.

Shooting, this starts from differing Toughness: The majority toughness takes hits first, before any can be applied to the minority T, then back to majority, and so on. Then Armour saves are rolled for those models which took a wound.

If same Toughness, differing Armour: Exactly like the rules for Mixed Armour on page 76.

CC, this starts from differing WS values: Majority WS takes attacks first, before any are made against models with minority WS, back to majority, and so on. The models which took hits use their T when rolling to wound and save with their save.

If same WS, differing Toughness, see my previous entry for shooting.

If same WS and T, differing save, as page 76.

In the usual example given, I understand that an Ork Slaver can't keep the Grots from being hit and wounded, but I do NOT understand how the Slaver can be hit and wounded as easily as the Grots! That this is decided in every Initiative step does not make any difference: It's all too easy to end up in such a situation as to take so many attacks, hits and wounds that the entire unit, even those with the minority stats are hit and wounded based on the majority!

If my House Rule is redundant and I've just misunderstood the 4thEd rules, please refer to a page number in 4thEd, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Any actual rule discussions which might emerge will of course be taken to the 40K "Rules"-forum.

And yes, it does complicate things, especially in larger multi-unit CCs. I consider it the price to pay for getting to use the statline I've paid points for.