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    Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch

    I ended up making a fun custom model from the spare bits i got with a Soul Grinder and the FW Plague Hulk (You get a Defiler and only need the legs and 1/2 a torso). I decided to make a data-sheet for it for Daemons (probably will only be Apoc) I'll post pics if you really want to see it

    Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch
    WS3 BS4 FA12 SA12 RA10 I3 A4
    Unit Type: Walker, Skimmer
    Special Rules: Daemon Engine of Tzeentch, Carrier of Gipeoxerok
    Weapons: Twin-Linked Missile Launcher, Reaper Autocannon, Poison Stinger w/ Poison Blast (Soul Grinder's Phlegm weapon option), Scorpion Claw w/ Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer, Scorpion Claw w/ Havoc Launcher

    Walker, Skimmer: In addition to being a Walker, the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch ignores Difficult Terrain and is treated as a Skimmer when being Rammed (3+ to stop the ramming).

    Daemon Engine of Tzeentch: This is a Daemon and works like a Soul Grinder. In addition to ignoring Shaken and Stunned it also ignores Weapon Destroyed.

    Carrier of Gipeoxerok: The Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch is piloted by a powerful Herald of Tzeentch named Gipeoxerok. The Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch is a transport vehicle with a Capacity of 1. There are 0 Access points for Gipeoxerok will always pilot his engine and will never disembark.

    Gipeoxerok is a Herald of Tzeentch with the Demonic Gifts Bolt of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery and We Are Legion. When he fires, the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch is treated as being Open Topped (but only while Gipeoxerok is shooting).

    When the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch is Wrecked or Explodes, Gipeoxerok is mounted on a Chariot of Tzeentch and placed in Reserves (so that he may return to retrieve his engine). After being placed in Reserves, Gipeoxerok takes D6 wounds with no Saves allowed (such is the price to travel through the warp freely). When Deep Striking, Gipeoxerok cano use the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch's wreckage as an Icon of Chaos (even the crater it leaves in an explosion).

    Scorpion Claws: A Scorpion Claw is a special Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. While in combat instead of making 2 attacks, a Scorpion Claw can make a special attack. The Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch picks an enemy model in combat that can attack it (is within 2" of a model in B2B with the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch). That model takes a S5 Ap4 hit. Both claws can do this per round of combat instead of making 4 of its attacks).

    Poison Stinger: Like Scorpion Claws, the Poison Stinger can make a special attack (doesn't count as a DCCW). Instead of making its normal combat attacks, the Hell Scorpion of Tzeentch can pick a single enemy model in combat that cant attack it. That model takes a S8 hit with no Armor Saves allowed.

    Points: Thinking 400 or so

    What do you guys think?

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    Maybe you could say it's got some sort of special magic that makes it very tough despite its size, and make it a superheavy with three structure points. All in all your rules are good and well thought out. Here's a few suggestions----
    1- give both claws hvy flamers- get rid of the havoc launcher
    2-put the havoc launcher on the tail
    3- i'm thinkin of some sort of area of effect magic thing--- RNG-6" S-4 Ap-3 Type-Can always be fired as a defensive weapon, can never be destroyed--I picuture this as the warp energy crackling around it
    4-i'm not sure on the points, not real good in pricing things

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