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    Special Missions: End-war

    Foreword: Having just read through my crisp new copy of Battle Missions, I was inspired to rewrite an old mission I designed in 3e, with a new concept which was presented within. My intention with this post is to share the idea to those who may enjoy playing, not necessarily to be critiqued - though constructive criticism is always welcome! This mission does require a bit of extra time and management, however, but players wishing to use these rules should be fine with that.

    Now, on with the mission!

    The final battle of a long and bloody campaign, in End-war nobody holds back.. it's all or nothing and generals commit their entire force to a brutal and desperate attempt to purge a world of their enemies.

    The objective is to cause as much carnage as possible, while minimizing the damage dealt in return. End-war uses victory points, which are gained for every enemy unit slain in combat.

    Roll for deployment type as normal, following all rules for the random deployment type as normal. Then roll off see which player deploys first.

    The player who deployed first also goes first, and the other player may attempt to seize the initiative.

    Either player may place any number of units in reserve.

    Game Length
    Begin rolling for the end of the game at the end of turn 5 as normal.

    Victory Conditions
    At the end of the game each player gains victory points equal to the point-value of all enemy units completely removed as casualties. The player with the most victory points is the winner.

    Special Rules
    Deepstrike, Outflank
    Reinforcements: At the end of each player's turn, that player must place one or more units into reserves who's total points-value is less than or equal to, and as close to as possible, to the total points-value of that player's units completely destroyed since the end of that player's last turn. Reinforcement will arrive from reserves as though they were held in reserves since the beginning of the game (if a reinforcement unit was placed in reserves at the end of a player's third turn, that unit will arrive on the players fourth turn on a d6 roll of '2'+) and will arrive from the owning player's table edge. Reinforcements can deepstrike or outflank, however they will instead arrive from reserves as though the first turn they became available was the second game turn, and not as described above. Reinforcements cannot infiltrate.

    All or Nothing: If played as a part of a campaign where players acquire strategic assets or stratagems, then players may use any number of these before or during the course of the battle, even if campaign rules would normally restrict the use of such asset to one per battle. Any assets which increase the number of points a player can spend to create an army list do not count towards Reinforcements, and any assets which decrease the number of points a player can spend to create an army list are instead "held in reserves", that player may spend those points on Reinforcements at the end of the turn in which they "become available".
    Design Note: This mission can be played as a casual game, however it is more-so intended to be played as the last battle of a campaign. As such, it is the culmination of all victories and defeats which have led up to this moment, which is represented by the All or Nothing rule - which was written with consideration to the style of campaign I play, where players can win strategic assets by winning a major battle, or claiming a special location on the battle map. These strategic assets are all home-written, and none are anywhere near as game-changing as those provided by the Apocalypse supplement (just to provide an idea of power level). But I digress, the exact wording of the rule can and should be modified if it does not suit your style of campaigns; however, the wording about assets (or any appropriate game device) which modifies the points available for (a) specific player(s) to spend creating an army list cannot be modified.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Reinforcements (the real defining rule here) is very interesting. I'm interested to read of your experience with this game mechanic. Does it create a back & forth tug-of-war as units are forced out of good positions or does it just allow a player that has a good turn to get the drop on his opponent next turn? Perhaps it depends on the army types involved, but nevertheless, I'd love to know how it's worked out for you so far.

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