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    Rules for the Emperor of Mankind - can it be done?

    I was having a conversation with a fellow gamer the other night, and after a few drinks we started to throw out ideas for making rules to represent the Emperor.

    Id like to share some of the ideas we came up with, and hopefully get some input to develop them

    Stats - This is a tricky one. Its obviously tempting to make everything 10, and this would probably represent what the emperor was actually like, but it would make for a boring and unbalanced game. so..

    WS - 10; he is, after all, the greatest warrior the galaxy has ever seen

    BS - 6; I dont think it needs to be any higher really, and i cant think of anything that has 7 or higher

    S - 5; stronger than a space marine, and most of the models ive seen have him armed with a power fist which will make him S 10 anyway

    T - 5; difficult to wound, and he would have the Eternal Warrior USR

    W - 4; equal to a daemon prince, and with eternal warrior that makes him pretty hard

    I - 7; equal to the highest initiative of the eldar

    A - 4; should be enough to deal with all comers

    Ld - 10; pretty easy, and he would definately be Fearless

    Sv - 2+ (see below)


    The Sword of Justice - a force weapon which conferes +1 S in close combat

    Power Fist

    Artificer Armour - see codex: space marines

    Iron Halo - see codex: space marines

    Universal Special Rules: Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Prefered Enemy, and any unit the emperor is with gains Furious Charge

    Psychic Powers - undecided on this one. I toyed with the idea of allowing him to use all of the librarian powers, and be able to cast 2 per turn, but i feel he should have a couple of his own. Id like to hear peoples ideas on this one

    All feedback is welcome

    Captain Jones

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    Going to have to scale it up - take Mephiston/Sanguinor and keep in mind that these are less than a primarch, let alone the emperor.

    At least 6 in everything, rerolls on everything, a 2+ inv save, 2+ FNP, and a NFW that inflicts instant death on every hit.

    The big E should be able to manhandle An'ggrath, he's strictly apoc material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.T. View Post
    Going to have to scale it up
    Very much so - aside from the WS 10 he's sitting at sub-primarch level here. Hell, some stats are sub-eldar. He is definitely a lot tougher than an ogryn.

    WS 10
    BS 10
    S 10 (boosted by permenant psychic powers)
    T 6 (at least)
    W 6 (at least)
    I 10 (he'll have short term prediction powers)
    A 6 (at least)
    Ld 10
    Sv 2+/2++
    a S8 AP2 Assault 5 weapon with 24" range.
    Immune to all psychic powers
    Nullifies enemy powers on a successful Ld test with no range limits
    Eternal Warrior
    Move Through Cover
    All models on his side are stubborn (if not fearless)
    Jump Pack
    Not sure about Fleet
    Plus the extra rules AT mentioned.

    And even that is probably under-egging it.
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    The Emperor is pretty much invincible in 40k scale.
    Alpha level psykers can snap a Titan in half and the Emperor could eat them for breakfast.

    WS 10 - 50,000 years of training
    BS 10 - as above
    S 3( 10 ) - human but psychically enhanced
    T 3( 8 ) - as above
    W 4
    I 10 - precognitive powers, plus psychic powers to slow time at will
    A 4
    Ld 10
    Sv. 2+/2++
    Eternal Warrior
    Regeneration: The Emperor regains all wounds at the start of each player turn.
    Independent Character
    Psyker without peer. Enemy Psykers must pass Psyker Tests on 4D6 to use powers. All Psyker equipment used against the Emperor fails automatically.
    The Emperor can cast 5 Powers a turn
    Feel No Pain

    Terminator Armour Mk1 - 2+ Inv save built in. Can sweeping advance. Is relentless.
    Powerfist - strikes in Initiative order, counts as a MC in combat
    Powersword - gives him +1 attacks in combat
    Storm Bolter with Psyk-fire shells. Always wounds on a 3+, AP 3, ignores inv saves.

    1. Shield of Mankind. Cast in any movement phase, lasts til end of assault phase. All friendly Imperial units with model within 12" of Emperor can reroll saves and have +1 to invulnerable saves, or 6+ invulnerable save if they don't have one usually.
    2. Fissure. Cast at the end of any movement phase. Draw a 1" wide line to anywhere within LoS of the Emperor, all models touched by the line are removed. No saves of any kind unless the model is a Gargantuan Creature (2D6 wounds) or vehicle with stucture points (lose D6 structure points)
    3. Hammer of Judgement. Cast at the start of assault phase, any enemy model in base to base with the Emperor take an automatic S10 power weapon hit before combat begins, wounds count towards combat resolution.
    4. Remove Soul. At the start of any Assault Phase. Select a single model within 6" of the Emperor. Remove him from play as he is obliterated, body and soul.
    5. Lightning God. Psychic Shooting attack. Assault 3D6 S8 AP2 Range 48"
    6. Emperors Chosen. Start of either players turn. Select a model on Imperial side and roll a d6. On a 1 the model is removed, otherwise the model becomes an IC, gains +2 WS, BS, S, T, W, I and A. Becomes fearless and gets a 3+ Invulnerable save. He may move as jump infantry and his attacks ignore armour saves. At the start of each turn, roll a d6, on a 1 the model is burnt out and is removed from play.
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    okay lets do this-
    marine(movie marine)-5/5/6/6/2/5/3/9/3+(re-rollable)/4+
    veteran(movie marine)-7/6/6/6/2/6/4/10/3+(re-rollable)/4+
    captian(based on movie marine)-9/7/6/6/4/7/6/10/2+(re-rollable)/3+
    Marneus Calger-terminator armour(based on movie marine)-10/7/10(7)/7/6/7/8/10/2+(re-rollable)/2+-- i give +1T and +1W for term. arm.
    primarch(based on movie marine Calgar)-12?/8/10(8 )/8/7/8/10?/10/2+(re-rollable)/2+

    these stats aren't balanced with other forces, for instance this would make a banshee--6/5/3/3/1/7/4?/9/3+/5+(speed and reflexes)
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    I used the following for the emperor.

    WS: 10
    BS: 10
    S: 7
    T: 7
    W: 5
    I: 10
    A: 5
    Ld: 10
    Sv: 2+/2++

    Special Rules: Feel No Pain, Eternal Warrior
    - God Emperor: The Emperor and all allied Imperial units may chose to pass or fail any leadership test required.
    - Indestructible: The Emperor regains up to 1 lost wound at the start of each player turn and all to hit and wound rolls verse him suffer a - 1 penalty.
    - Unstoppable Force: The Emperor has a 12" move and assault range, counts as having offensive and defensive grenades, and ignores difficult and dangerous terrain.
    - Psykic Juggernaut: The Emperor is immune to all psykic powers and any remove from game effects. Enemy psykers within line of sight may not use psykic powers and any power already in effect will be canceled on a roll of 2+. All enemy units must reroll succesful invulnerable saves.
    - Wrath: This is a shooting attack with the following profile. Range: LoS / S 10 / AP 1 / Assault 2 / Ordance Barrage, Large Blast, Lance.
    - Shockwave: This may be used at the start of any assault. All models within 12" take a S 7 / AP 1 hit.

    Emperors Armor: Confers a 2+ armor and 2+ invulnerable save, as well as making him immune to enemy effect that would alter any or all of his stats / rules.
    Blade of Mankind: This is a close combat weapon that ignores armor save, close combat attacks from this weapon automatically hit and wound / penetrate and each unsaved wound counts double or adds plus 1 to the damage table result.
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