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    Ogre Kingdoms Special Character

    Well folks, I’ve finally gotten around to putting this on the net. I think I wrote it a year and a half ago. These are special rules for each of the Ogre Tribes found in the Army book.

    Shrewd Fulg-6/5/3/4/4/4/3/4/9

    Weapons & Armour: Ogre Club, Iron Fist, Heavy Armour, Harpoon Launcher, Luck-Gnoblar, Biting Blade, Talisman of Protection

    Special Rules: Fear, Bull Charge,

    Shrewd---up to half of an army lead by Fulg(points-wise) may be held in reserve.

    Iron-Fisted---If a unit of Ogres within 24” fails an LD test of any kind( they must have taken it to perform an action, or as a result of psychology)- Fulg may shoot at they if he is not in Combat, and has a clear line of sight. If a wound is scored, they may reroll the test. Counts as that turn’s shooting however.

    Skaven Allies---An army lead by Fulg may have Clan Moulder allies---May not have more than ¼ of total points as skaven. These units count towards the maximum Heroes/Special/Rare, but do not count as compulsory Core choices. A Skaven may not be the army’s General/Standard Bearer.( that part was written before the new skaven book, and I haven’t seen a copy yet, so I wrote what I thought would work :>/)

    Modified Army List----
    Lords- Shrewd Fulg/Slaughtermaster
    Special-Leadbelchers/Rhinox Riders/Scraplauncher
    The rest are just modified army lists, if anyone is interested i'll post them.

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