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    Skyshield Landing Pad Rules

    The Skyshield. This piece of terrain is only effectively usable by races with skimmer craft, and even then, not even they reap all the benifits. Only the imperial players, with their Valkyries and Thunderhawks, get the most from the skyshield. It is for this reason that I have addapted the rules for fair use by all races! With the proper aplication of an 18" ramp (approximately 4" wide), I have developed and tested rules that allow the pad to be better used for what it shoud be: Deep Striking.

    Deepstriking Vehicles:
    Vehicles may deepstrike onto the skyshield providing that there are no models of any type already on the pad at the time the vehicle enters play (discounting the ramp). Deepstriking vehicles do not scatter when landing on the pad, but count as open topped on the turn it arrives, due to the fact that it will probably spend that much time suspended over the pad whilst it is being slowly lowered by it's cargo-craft. When the vehicle arrives from reserves and is declared to arive on the pad, place the tank on the centre of the pad facing the ramp. The vehicle may not do anything on the turn it arrives, neither may any squads they carry. Open topped vehicles may not make use of the pad, as the crew would probably be flung out of the vehicle in its high speed decent strapped to the underside of its carrier.

    If the vehicle is wrecked on the turn it arives, replace the vehicle with a wreck, and any transported models embarked in the vehicle at the time (if any) are placed within 2" of the wreck on the pad and take a wound on a roll of 5+ (without any saves of any type) as they leap from the falling vehicle. Should the vehicle explode, transported models will suffer the same fate, but can be placed anywhere on the pad (excluding the ramp). No further effects are applied and the vehicle model is removed. Any other damage effects on the vehicle are applied as normal.

    For vehicles, the pad and ramp both count as a road for the purposes of movement.

    Deepstriking Infantry
    Infantry may deepstrike onto the pad providing there are no models within 3" of the centre of the pad. They may do so without scattering, but must all deploy within 3" of the centre of the pad. If a vehicle wreck is on the pad at the time any infantry arives, they may still land on the pad, but every member of the squad takes a dangerous terrain test on the turn they arrive, as per the usual rules for deepstriking onto dangerous & difficult terrain. Apart from being unable to move in the movement phase, infantry squads arriving on the pad may act normaly on the turn they arive, even able to launch assaults! (In the unlikely event that there is actualy anything in charging range).

    Who Can Use The Pad?:
    In games where each side is designated the attacker or defender, defenders may deepstrike units onto the pad providing there are no enemy models in base contact with any part of the pad or ramp. Attackers may deepstrike units onto the ramp providing there is an unengaged allied infantry model in base contact with the pad or ramp, and there are no defending models in base contact with the pad or ramp.
    In games where there are no such designations, a player may make use of the pad providing they have atleast a single unengaged infantry model in base contact with the pad or ramp, and there are no enemy models in base contact with the pad or ramp.

    O.K. So heres my take on the Skyshield landing pad. Comments & Criticisms welcome... and if you have any reccomendations, let me know!


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    I like it man. I would probably remove the restriction that units can't do anything when they arrive, but everything else looks good.

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