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    Shooting into CC

    Some friends and I have been discussing this concept for some time. We understand that it is not allowed in 40k, and that often it makes sense; but sometimes it would make much more sense to take the chance of harming your own troops to kill that bad guys, especially when you play tau. (they are dieing for the greater good!). We have brain stormed some ideas, but have not yet play tested. I decided to post them up here and see what some of you may have thought of.

    Our rules:
    - if the squad is in CC, you may shoot at the unit
    - Roll to hit as normal, but with a -1 modifier on your BS (this makes it more realistic of trying to mark the enemy as he is in CC with your own men.
    - Any failed rolls to hit are instead allocated twoards your own troops (what else would it hit )
    - Roll to wound as normal agaist the enemy, Your troops are automatically wounded. (this is the risk of shooting at your own guys).
    - Then everyone makes saves.

    This seems fair as it should be a risk to shoot at your own guys. But for armies like tau or guard, you will get much more luck trying to shoot them the beat them in CC.

    -- also ideas for Blast are
    - place, roll scatter as normal.
    - then all models under the template are hit, roll to wound against opponent and your models are automatically wounded as above.

    Any thoughts?

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    And enemy units gain automatic 4+ cover.

    The problem has always been that some armies rely on not being shot at in CC to survive, but if shooting into CC pretty much assures the friendly unit gets ripped up, it could work. At that point, it's trading away a doomed unit for an extra chance to do damage that unit would not be able to achieve. Could work, but it's also "game-able" by using a 2-drone squad or something equally expendable. But that gives incentive for the opponent to shoot those types of units first, which could work out alright.

    The other issue comes with template weapons. I would change the rules when firing it into close combat to this:
    - place template over as many of the models locked in CC as possible (friend or foe).
    - roll to hit all models touched as with other weapons, misses hit friendly units (controlling player may choose which locked unit).
    - proceed with wounding and saves as normal (no cover allowed)

    Actually, I would do the same kind of thing with blast weapons. That way there's no chance that someone is going to be able to very carefully place a blast marker to mostly hit the enemy rather than friendlies.

    One final thing though. I feel, no matter how you play it, shooting into CC will always shift the balance of power from assaults toward shooting. If it is going to be done, I feel consolidating into additional close combats should be brought back into use as a way of shifting the game back into it's proper balance. However, my version of that consolidation would have the target unit firing at the consolidating unit, with a 4+ invul save representing the charging unit partially getting there before the shots are fired. Here's the sequence:

    - consolidate D6" into base contact
    - defender fires, roll to hit and wound normally
    - consolidating unit takes saves, 4+ invul available
    - defender reacts, wait until next assault phase to attack
    - consolidating unit counts as charging in next assault phase

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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