To preface, I'm building this specifically for my fan-codex, and an explanation of fluff rationale for the design specifics would be too long to explain here, so just roll with it, and understand I realize there are gaps that need to be explained (which I do, just not here).

I wanted to design this in order to streamline the whole Predator tank, and ultimately combine the Baal version and the normal predator

Predator Tank: Base cost of 60 points
FOC slot: Heavy Support
Armor: F13 S11 R10
Wargear: Autocannon, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight

Fast Engines (grants fast, same as Baal): 15 points (moves Predator to Fast Attack Section of FOC)
Jumpstart Engines (grants Scout): 10 points
Replace Autocannon with TL-Lascannon: 45 points
Replace Autocannon with TL-Assault Cannon: 30 points
Replace Autocannon with Flamestorm Cannon: 30 points
Add Heavy Bolter Sponsons: 25 points
Add Heavy Flamer Sponsons: 25 points
Add Lascannon Sponsons: 60 points

If sponsons are not bought, increased side plating may be bought for 40 points. This increases the side armor of the Predator to 13

Additional upgrades:
Storm bolter: 10 points
Hunter Killer Missile: 10 points
Dozer blade: 5 points
Extra Armor: 15 points

Ultimately I wanted to combine the Baal and Normal designs, but keep them available in 2 FOC slots (though they are default to Heavy Support). It adds a lot of versatility to the predator tank design, instead of the standard Annihilator or Destructor designs of old.

Cost wise, fast engines appear to be a 15 point tax in the new BA codex, which I simply made an option instead of standard. The scout move tax was tough to pinpoint exactly, but I think 10 points is reasonable. I was able to scale the predator to the same loadout cost as a Baal in BA.

The biggest non-standard addition was the idea of extra side plating, which I kind of got the idea for from looking over the Stormlord tank entry (replace sponsons with AV 14 armor, instead of AV 12, i think). I think 40 points fits well for it. It isn't so expensive that marine players won't ever take it or find usefulness for it, but it isn't so cheap that non-marine players will lament it. After all, outfitting 2 tanks with it is more than the cost of a base predator, and you lose the ability to take sponsons, so you've got less firepower to bring.

Anyways, does this seem like a solid design that could work on the tabletop? I'd love to hear feedback. I would like to say that fluff based feedback (ie. marines wouldn't have a Baal with lascannon sponsons, etc) isn't unwelcome, but considering how shaky 40k fluff is in terms of what is official canon and what isn't it will be tough to justify not having it. Mainly I want to hear if there's something I overlooked that makes the design broken.

Thanks in advance everyone!