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    Charging Bulls, the Steed of Khaine

    The centaurian Charging Bulls, Steeds of Khaine, is an offshoot of the Shining Spears, originating after its predecessor. Unique among the Aspect Warriors, and perhaps reason for their rarity among the main Craftworlds, is that the Charging Bulls excel in battles of attrition. This quality goes contrary to the philosophies embodied by the Swordwind, and that is decisive strikes enacted with the swift grace and speed only the Eldar can deliver. However, over the tide of battles, the Charging Bulls have proven their worth through their resilience that are often able to hold the line for the other elements of the Eldar battleline, saving more than a few battles from being nothing more than an all-out rout. The Aspect of Khaine the Charging Bulls embody is the Aspect of War present in the indomitable and at the same time furious charge of an angry and determined bull, a charge that crushes underfoot lesser beings that quell against such an irresistable force, while grinding to dust those foolish enough to stand against the inertia of its huge moving mass.

    Fast Attack:
    Charging Bull: WS4 BS4 S3 T3(4) A1 W1 I5 L9 AS3+
    Exarch: WS5 BS5 S3 T3(4) A2 W1 I6 L9 AS3+
    Point Cost: 30/42
    Unit Size: 3-5
    Wargear: Twin Horns, Bull Steed

    Armoury of Vaul:
    Twin Horns ~ Dual Prongs

    The Twin Horns are a pair of gnarled shock lances, jointed at the hilt to form a two pronged weapon, resembling the twin horns of an angry bull. The two horns are actually separate lances that can be divorced from each other, and used in one hand each, increasing the number of attacks the Charging Bulls are capable of. On the charge, the rush of the wind past the tip of the lance generates a charge that is dispelled upon impact, shocking and stunning the enemy into submission, hence the name.

    Dual Prongs:
    The Twin Horns are a pair of Shock Lances that count as two Close Combat Weapons. On the Charge, it grants +2I. In addition, being Shock Lances, they generate a charge as they run towards the enemy, dispelling it in a great surge of electricity upon contact with the enemy. The Shock Lance generates and discharges a charge that increases the Strength of its Attacks at +1S for each 3" the Charging Bulls Charge towards the enemy. This Charge generated reduces the enemy's Initiative and WS by the value of the Charge created, for only two Attacks of each Charging Bull, to a minimum of 1. The enemy recovers at a rate of 1 Initiative and WS per Turn, as the charge slowly dissipates.

    Bull Steed ~ Inertia Drive

    The armour of the Charging Bulls is called the Bull Steed, for it is a centaurian chasis which contains the body of the Aspect Warrior, augmenting the form of the Aspect Warrior. It allows the Charging Bull to engage at a considerable distance, and the power of its charge cannot be denied. The true power of the Bull Steed lies however, in its Drive, the Inertia Drive. The four legs of the Bull Steed is able to generate a tremendous running pace. What this Aspect does is use the great bulk of the Bull Steed as its own weapon, bringing its great weight crushing down on the enemy on the turn of the charge. The Inertia Drive augments this fighting style, by shifting the centre of gravity down on to the front hooves of the Bull Steed. The Charging Bulls will lift their legs off the ground and send them flying with the full force of the charge down onto the anticipating enemies, crushing them with the impact of a rocket missile. The Inertia Drive works through a reactionless drive within an open system, that reduces the mass of the moving object, the Bull Steed, on the charge, allowing the Charging Bull to reach great speeds, then right before impact, the entire mass is once again summoned, increasing the bulk as the centre of mass shifts to the fore of the Steed. The resulting impact is enough to crush underfoot most opponents into dust.

    Hide of the Bull:
    The Bull Steed confers a 3+AS and increases the Toughness of its bearer by 1. This modified Toughness is not used when considering Instant Death.

    Charge of the Bull:
    The Bull Steed makes the Charging Bulls Calvary. For each full 3" Moved during the Charge, the Charging Bulls gain 1T, that is lost in subsequent Turns of Combat. On the Charge, each model inflicts D3 Impact Hits, at the Strength of the modified Toughness of the Charging Bull. These Impact Hits Always Strike First, even before opponents with an Initiative of 10. On the Turn of the Charge, the modified Toughness is considered for the purposes of Instant Death.

    Phoenix Powers of Asuryan:
    Counter Charge:
    The Exarch Power studied by the Charging Bulls is the Counter Charge, a move delivered should the Charging Bulls be charged instead. +15Pts for the Exarch. Should the Charging Bulls be Charged, as long as they pass an Initiative Test, they will Charge the enemy instead, Moving towards the enemy up to a maximum of 12". The difference is that the enemy gets to Move D6" forward, to show that despite speed of the Bull Charge, the enemies were still the ones who initiated the Charge, and thus have Initiative. The enemy do gain their bonus Attack on the Charge.
    ~To avoid confusing this Phoenix Power with that of the USR, I propose that the USR be named Counter Attack or Counter Assault.

    Stubbornness of the Bull:
    Like their namesake, an Exarch led Charging Bulls are known for their extraordinary stubbornness against superior odds. +10Pts for the Exarch. As long as the Charging Bulls are led by their Exarch, they count as Stubborn.

    The charge of the Charging Bulls is likened to the indomitable charge of a herd of stampeding bulls, a nigh unstoppable force that barrels through all resistance. +20Pts for the Exarch. Should a Charge by the Charging Bulls wipe out an enemy unit through Sweeping Advance on the first Turn of Combat, the enemy is overrunned, and the Charging Bulls carry on their advance, Moving the rest of any distance left of their Charge Move since the beginning of their Assault Phase, and if they end in another enemy unit, they count as Charging again. This carries on until they fail to wipe out a unit, or they run out of Charge Distance.

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