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    Tyrannid House rule...

    Before the new 'dex came out, I came up with the following idea to try and capture the spirit of a Tyrannid invasion 'in house'.

    I made some objective markers, not great at modelling so these were simple blobs of Fimo putty, baked and with nid bits glued in and painted to suit my army.

    Now the fun part, and this was a Planetstrike idea btw:

    Whenever a 'nid Deepstrikes onto the battlefield, I put a marker down, now if another squad uses DS to arrive, they have an option of settiing up in base contact with the marker, and not scattering. Kind of like a homing beacon if you will. These markers don't count as objectives for the Tyrannids, however, they do count as extra objectives for the defender as follows:

    If the defender can hold 3 of these 'markers', at least one must be an infantry unit and they must be uncontested, they can 'poison' the Hive Fleet, just as if they had poisoned a Capillary Tower. This means the only way to beat the Tyranids is to hold 3 of these objectives at the end of the game. Now this really has an effect on campaign games, where for example I allow the Tyrannids 5 goes to try and get a foothold on a planet, before I use the old 'Advanced Space Crusade' boards to re-enact a boarding action.

    During the actual battle, my Tyrannids can keep on re-spawning, endlessly through these markers, that is the points cost of a Tyrannid army is irrelevent, as a dead unit merely respawns from either the LZ or one of these markers.

    I've tried it, and it's not impossible to win, as long as you can be holding 3 of them at the very end of the game, or for 3 turns, whichever comes first. Of course you still have to win the battle but hey, nobody said it would be easy against the 'nids did they now?

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    Imho, that's more interesting than the tunnels used in the new Tyranids codex. I really like the dynamic that powerful deployment options give an army when coupled with an inherent weakness that needs to be strategically defended by the user.

    Not to derail this topic, but I'd like to explain what I'm talking about by citing an example from my fandex. I improved upon the DE webway portal so that it can be used on the move and so that units can go back into WWP reserves through them. The balance is that the portals themselves can now be "disrupted" by enemy S6+ attacks so that they become more and more dangerous to any units moving through them. This kind of give & take has made for some truly intriguing gameplay since I started implementing it in friendly games.

    I'm certain there's a limit to how much we want armies to be able to "tunnel" into the game, but it would be interesting to see if similar options to yours and mine could be successfully applied to other 40K armies. Although in Planetstrike, deployment is already crazy, so our types of ideas may not be very hard at all to add in to that scenario.

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    Sorry I didn't see this before, it never flagged up on my e-mail. Tbh I'd completely forgotten this thread since. The whole reason I did this in Planetstrike was that in a normal game it gives the 'nids one Heck of an advantage. But even so there is that inherent weakness. Losing 3 of these objectives by the end of the game loses them the campaign, so the Tyranid player must consider splitting his/her force into 2 in order to keep the enemy away from the 'pods'. With the new codex out now these rules become more complete, due to the fact that you can now only use units that are allowed to DS in from spores.

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