Hey, I've been kicking this idea around my gaming group and wanted to run it by the interwebs... (my cursory search of LO didn't yield previous topics about this)

So I was brainstorming an idea for 40k/Apocalypse... and thinking about a crazy Eye of Terror Warp world, where chunks of land randomly rearrange themselves. What you initially thought was an ordered battle line, is suddenly rearranged. Your command structure is in shambles as your general is suddenly on the other side of the battlefield next to the enemy assault units, while you have the enemy artillery in your backfield.

You have a 4x6 or 4x8 table. Divide it into 1x1 squares, (preferably removable/separate from the table, like tile squares, with terrain set up on the tiles) and then divide them up between the players (~4 people) Everyone then rolls dice for each unit, and place and orient the unit how they want on their square that they rolled. Several units of that player could end up placed on the same square. (but since you have your own set of tiles, there will be no enemy units on your tile) Then, after the units are set up on the tiles, we randomly place the tiles on the board (i.e. number every tile, draw a number out of a hat for each position on the table) The tile gets put in the position in a random orientation (scatter die arrow direction, so your tank my have its read armor flapping in the wind to that lascannon on the next tile...) Then the game starts.
Some additional thoughts...
1) Maybe make an initiative/activation check for each unit on their first turn on the board as they shrug off the effects of the translocation? This may stall the inevitable 1st turn mauling of your squishy unit by that uber-assault unit that just appeared at the square adjacent to you.

a) Integrate tiles that get placed as reserves. Say if during the placement rolls, a certain number (or a paper in the hat saying next tile draw is a reserve tile) comes up, that tile comes in as reserves in that spot. (and any units in that spot when the new tile enters play the following turn, get moved to the same location on that tile. If they end up touching the translocated unit, they are immediately in CC.
b) Maybe allow players to reserve several units. Set them up on tiles like part a) and they come in turn 2.

3) For additional "fun" later in the game, you could perform tile swaps.

4) I'm not sure if this should be played as Apocalypse, with strategic assets and formations. Some of them would not be conducive to this scenario. It may be better as a 40K scenario.

Anyways, depending on how the tiles drop, this could be an interesting scenario. Depending on rolls, someone could really be screwed over.
Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions and discussions.