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    40k Ork Boar Boyz

    With the new Fantasy Orc Boar Boyz, I thought it would be cool if they made them for 40k games. I dont remember if the Feral Orks list had boar boyz in it, but here's my take on it. If your any good at writing fluff/naming rules take a stab at it, Im not too creative on that part.

    Composition: 5-15 Boar Boyz
    Unit Type: Calvary
    Points: 16 per model
    Special Rules: Furious Charge, Mob Rule, Waagh!, Boars,

    Wargear: Boars, pykes, sluggas, stikkbombz

    Boar Boy
    WS - BS - S - T - W - I - A - LD - SV
    4 --- 2 -- 3 - 4 -- 1 -- 2 - 2 - 7 -- 5+

    Boar Boy Nob
    WS - BS - S - T - W - I - A - LD - SV
    4 --- 2 -- 4 - 4 -- 2 -- 3 - 3 - 8 -- 5+

    -One Boar Boy may be upgraded to a Boar Boy Nob at the same cost with the same options as a Storm Boy Nob in Codex: Orks however he may not take 'eavy armor.

    -The mob may exchange their pykes for choppas at no additional cost.

    -The mob may upgrade to cyboars at +5 points per model

    -Furious Charge, Mob Rule: As per Codex: Orks

    -Waagh: Boar Boyz tend to get more motivated by a good waagh then other boyz. To represent this, on any turn when a Waagh is in effect, boar boyz may roll an extra D6 when determining their fleet move and take the highest result. Remember calvary units always have fleet, therefore boar boyz may always fleet, just they are better on a turn when a Waagh! is in effect.

    -Boars: The boars the boyz ride are feral creatures, with thicker hides than a normal boy. Boars confer a 5+ armour save to the rider and change the unit type to calvary. The boars themselves have large tusks which can rip apart enemies with ease. Therefore on a turn where boar boyz charge they gain +2A instead of the normal +1.

    -Cyboars: Like anything else orky, boars are always better with the 'doks treatment. Any mob of boar boyz may upgrade their boars to cyboars. A cyboar is the exact same as a normal boar except that a cyboar's saving throw is invulnerable.

    -Pykes: Boar boys carry a large stick with a chainsaw or some other large blade attached to the end, making it easier for the boy to hack at the enemy. A model equipped with a pyke can never claim the bonus attack for two close combat weapons. A pyke is a close combat weapon that confers +1 strength.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?


    -6" move, D6" fleet move (2D6" take the highest on Waaghs), 12" assault
    -2A each at S4 I2 base, 4A each at S5 I3 on the charge
    -With cyboars and a power klaw/bosspole Nob, a squad of 10 would cost 250pts

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    Like the majority what you have written
    BUT how about the boars make the Boar boys T4(5) like bikes?And give them a 5+ save.(Cyboars still get invunerable 5+ save.)

    And how about making the Pykes some form of anti tank grenade on the end of a pole.(Like the old Bangstikks?)
    Eg one shot Str 6 + 2D6 keep highest dice score.

    Rather than adding attack how about letting the boars count for the mob rule?
    Eg 10 boar boys count as 20 models for mob rule?

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    I think my 2nd ED. Boarboy Cyboars had some kinda speed boost once a game that would let them quickly close for the kill. Nobz could take a power claw and a kustom-kombi weapon(2-10 hits @2-10 STR., I believe.) so they could be a nasty unit. Usually made my warboss the leader.
    The legions of Palos[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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