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    CODEX: Word Bearers

    Just throwing some ideas out for a word bearers codex

    Devotion to the Dark Gods

    The word bearers have proven themselves to be the most faithful of all the legions to the chaos Gods and when they demand something the most worthy legion to complete the task will be the word bearer and the word bearers will not stop until the Gods are satisfied with their deeds. All word bearers units except for cultists are immune to pinning and may not go to ground.

    Daemonic support

    The word bearers rely on daemons to act as shock troops for their force and will therefore field a large number of them when carrying out the gods will. A word bearers army of 1000 points or more must include 2 troop choices from the chaos daemons codex. These units have access to all their normal upgrades and do not take up any slots on the force organisation chart but are otherwise treated as scoring units. All points costs for the unit must be payed for in the army list.

    Codex additions

    Dark Apostle

    Has the same rules as the chaplain in the space marines codex

    May be given a daemonic weapons for 40p

    may be given a twin-linked bolter for 5p and may not take a storm bolter

    Special rules: Masters of the cult

    cultest's minds can easily be manipulated to do as the Dark apostles wish. They then become a formidable shield for the word bearers legion during battle and this strategy has been proven to be very effective in recent battles. If a dark apostle is in the force then cultists may use his leadership for moral, pinning and leadership tests

    Cultists: 4pts each

    number/squad: 10-50

    ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    3 3 3 3 1 3 1 6 6+

    • close combat weapon and laspistol
    • rags and cloth
    • exchange close combat weapon for lasgun (free)
    • for every 10 cultists you may take one of the following special weapons: flamer or grenade launcher for free
    • any cultists may echange their las pistol for a bolt pistol at 1p per model
    Tell me what you think about this and if it would work and if anything should be change/added in, thanks

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    Mmm quite simple enough easy to tie in with the codices, i'm going the whole hog with mine its not finished yet but anyways tell me what you think
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    This thread belongs in the Rule's Development section.

    *thread moved*
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