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    A ridiculous WHFB scenario - Clash of the Titans

    So, I was watching Beasts of War today. They were discussing enchanted items, and in passing one of them mentioned how interesting it would be if characters could pick up the dropped items of the fallen. That, I thought, would be VERY interesting... so I took the idea and ran with it.

    Clash of the Titans – a WHFB scenario

    There are many reasons for characters to fight one another – a family feud, a slur on honour, seeking power or wealth, or just because they like fighting. Such clashes are commonplace. What if, however, a play for power or a feud becomes so escalated... that more than one character turns up for the fight?

    Normally this would be easy to represent, and has been done so in the past... but these characters are desperate. They'll use every resource available to them... including the equipment of the fallen.


    Players: 2+
    Points: 1000 of characters. Players are restricted to 2 lord choices and a maximum of 500pts for the two, unless they are using pure goblins, in which case they can have 3 lord choices. Mounts and magic items follow normal restrictions, and dragons etc will take up additional character slots a la 7th edition.

    No special characters may be taken.

    BSBs can be taken as usual.

    Magic item restrictions: no one-use items! The reason for this will become apparent.
    Each player MUST take a minimum of 400 pts of magic items overall.
    If a magic item or other piece of wargear would normally be restricted by army list requirements, such as the Ogre Kingdoms Giantbreaker big name (which normally requires a slavegiant to be taken) discount this restriction.

    Desperate for the Edge: when a character kills another in close combat, he will immediately take possession of ALL magic items the other character carries. He can use them all, with the following restrictions:
    No matter how many arms the model ACTUALLY has, he may only use 2 arms worth of weapons – so, 2 one-handed weapons, one great weapon, or a one handed weapon and shield.
    He can only use one item of magic armour every turn, though he may use a shield in addition.

    If a character is killed at range, the first character to reach his corpse takes possession of his items – place a counter to show where he fell.

    You cannot kill your own characters no matter what. Any wounds which would normally be inflicted upon a friendly character are discounted. Self-inflicted wounds, such as those from gut magic, are taken as normal, but if a character dies this way all of his items are lost.


    Power dice are generated as normal, but players will receive 2 additional dispel dice to compensate for being unable to take dispel scrolls.

    The Red Mist:
    If a character kills 3 or more opposing characters, he gains frenzy.

    Replenishment: place a marker in your deployment zone. Once per battle, any character can return to this marker and be returned to their original statline, including lost wounds and lowered stats. He may only do so, however, if he has killed at least one opposing character.

    Pride: characters tend towards vanity, and as such lord choices cannot be deployed within 12'' of each other, and heroes cannot deploy within 6'' of each other. Lords cannot assist each other in combat either, though heroes have little concern. All models must also deploy independently and may not join one another at any point in the battle.

    Now, I can see Chaos might have an edge with Eye of the Gods, but I played a couple of test games which ended in hilarious fashion with two lords pushing 600pts each whaling away at each other in the middle of the board. So... do you think Chaos needs restricting? Any bannable items? What about changes you'd make?

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    My friends and I have something like this for fun, using the Arena of Death rules for character generation, and the ruined city of BalCalva as a backdrop. It was a blast.
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