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    Captain Baltan - Inquisiton/Guard Character

    Captain Baltan of the guards on a vessel encountered by a radical inquisitor approaching naogeddon. He was badly injured and the ship he was on was half ripped apart. He was one of only 50 survivors who had survived inside sealed chambers in the ships caverns. While he was on the ship he fought off several boarding actions by necrons to mild success and in one very aggressive one he sealed himself inside a cabin while the necrons destroyed his ship thus saving himself. While fighting the necrons he received a short exposure to a gauss flayer resulting in his right arm becoming dishevelled and had to be amputated. Before the procedure he requested that should he ever fight “those soulless bastards” again he would like a nice surprise for them. And mentioned how he had seen they were vulnerable to melta attacks.
    As a result the medics replaced his army with a bionic arm containing an extreme high heat charge concealed in his palm that could be blasted outwards in combat, also contained in his arm is a refractor field. In battle he was observed to fight with a fury only normally seen a blood angel fallen to the red thirst, when questioned he reported that he would not rest until he had killed 10 enemies of the Imperium for every 1 man lost on his ship.
    70 points
    WS4 BS4 S5 T3 W3 I3 A4 Ld10 Sv5+

    Inferno Charge, Fist of Adamantium, Combi-melta, Flak Armour, Refractor Field

    Inferno Charge – Baltan has a devastating melta charge concealed in his palm designed to incinerate even the heaviest of targets. Once per game in combat Baltan may use this charge while in combat. Place the small blast template in base contact with Baltan and then move it one inch directly away from him. All models (both friendly and enemy) that were touched by either the template when first positioned or after it has been moved take a Strength 8 Ap1 melta hit. Baltan does not take a hit himself.

    Fist of Adamantium – Baltan has a powerful bionic arm that gives him +2 strength (included in his profile) and always counts as carrying 2 close combat weapons.

    Fury of a man possessed – Baltan is fearless but his fury has a different effect on any unit he is part of, they become more scared of him than the enemy. As a result the unit may never use his leadership even if it is the highest value in the unit. However they would rather die than suffer his wrath at their retreat so whenever they fail a leadership test 1 model other than Baltan automatically takes a wound (with no saves allowed) and then the unit counts as having rolled a double 1 for the test.

    Hatred of a man suffered – Baltan hates everything that ever killed one of his brothers and as a result has the furious charge rule.

    Vow of Retribution - Baltan has vowed that he will not fall until he has killed 10 men for every 1 he lost on his ship. He has the eternal warrior special rule.

    Captain Baltan may be taken as a warrior in an inquisitor’s bodyguard or be taken as one of the bodyguards in a company command squad.

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    Not bad. The rules are not too over-the-top. The only thing I would suggest is to simplify the Inferno Charge special rule. It is a little too complicated. I can see that moving the blast template may cause some arguments as who gets hit, etc. Just leave it as a blast template touching Baltan's base which can affect both friend and foe. Also, this power is used in assault...can he still attack or does this power replaces his attack? What initiative does it strike at? It needs a little more detail regarding how to resolve it in cc.
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