Upon visiting a foreign planet (will think of a name) to destroy a daemon-worshipping cult, Alfiera Gregan, a puritan inquisitor (at this time) found that she had no idea where to begin. She strided over to the nearest door and forced it open. Alfiera later reflected that her pyschic abilities must have been influencing her decision as behind this door she found Johain Smith, master Tactician and Blacksmith. His upper torso was muscular with the strain of lifting the heavy metals, and his mid sharp. He not only directed Alfierato cultists but asked if she may stay 5 minutes longer so he could collect his vital belongings. He has been a part of her retinue ever since, making many of the arms Alfiera's forces use even now.

Johain Smith
Points: 17
Ws:4, Bs:1, S3, T3, W1, I2, A1, Ld:6 As4+

Hammer of the God-Emperor: With the assistance of Alfiera's pyschic abilities and his skilled blacksmithing, Johain created a weapon imbued with the Emperor's Wrath. The Hammer of the Gods doubles Johain's strength and ignroes invulnerable saves. It is a 2-handed weapon.

Special Rules
Tactician: A force contating Johain may re-roll one reserve roll per turn.

Johain Smith may be taken as part of an Inquisitor's retinue (specifically this ones: Alfiera Gregan (Well I guess I need a name for this character)).