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    Final Defense, a Scenario semi-inspired by Last Stand in DoW2.

    If someone knows of a scenario like this, please link it.

    This is inspired by a recent 1000 point game I played with 2 of my friends. One was new to 40K and us 2 know the rules alot better than She. We decided we would play a Take and Hold game and allow her to bring her whole army in reserve and be a 3rd party Chaos (literally, Slaanesh Marines is what she plays.) factor. It kind of ended up being horrible, since we both deployed our objectives on the my left flank side and she came in from the right, and the game wasn't well thought out. But, it did give me an idea for an Onslaught type scenario with aspects of planetstrike. that might make for fun casual games. I know other people have made this, but I'm just looking for some feed back and maybe someone else to play a game. I know I'm planning on playing it. It seemed like a good multiplayer game-type since it's a little more casual. It might also be a good last scenario in a campaign.

    "Your army is backed into a corner. You and your allies have been fighting a losing war. Luckily, you've managed to position your forces in a strategically valuable area: a Canyon, an Alley of a Hive World's tall defensive walls, or the engine room of a spacehulk. There's plenty of Ammo, Guns, and Supplies stockpiled to hold out. Your all that's left. Will you live to tell of your glorious turnaround, or die the shameful, defeated death your enemies' think you deserve?"

    Players: 2-3

    Set-up: Defender: Route the enemy onslaught. Attacker: Capture the enemy's Base for 1 full turn, or Contest for 2.
    Deployment: The defender picks one short table edge (Preferable 6'x4' table) as his own. The attackers take the opposite. He then is able to deploy terrain as he sees fit.

    Note: Either you could use planetstrike rules of "Put down what you have", or this system: The Def. gets a number of terrain points equal to his army points Divided by 100
    Barricade (Ork Barricades or Imperial Rockcrete ones): 1 pt.
    Crater, woods, other area terrain (4+ Cover): 2 Pts.
    Abandoned/makeshift fort: 3 Pts. (12-12-12 AV building with 2 firepoints per side and 1 entry)
    Bastion: 5 Pts (14-14-14 AV building with 2 FP per side and 1 Entry, and an Automated (BS2) heavy bolter on each side.
    Any Fort/bastion can be given an automated (At 2BS) Auto-cannon, Assumed to have a 360 degree firing arc.

    I would like to include a few stratagems from Planetstrike as well, but I don't have that book with me and I'd rather finish this first. I think at a defense point equal to 2 times the normal cost in PS, but I dunno.

    Deployment: Defenders have 3 troop slots, 4 Elite slots, 5 Heavy Support slots and only 1 Fast attack and HQ. The defenders forces have been fighting the enemy while moving into this position, and their rank and file troops and perhaps a brave general have paid the price to slow the advancing forces down.
    Attackers have 6 Troops, 3 Elites, 6 Fast Attack, and 2 HQ slots. No Heavy Support. (Is this game breaking? I don't think so, but I don't know enough about other armies' organization. Maybe only 1) Attackers also have 150% of the points that the Defender has (Will that scale too quickly?).

    More later. Basically, the Defender deploys everything and an objective near his edge, no Deep Striking or reserves. Units that fall back Run to the objective and regroup when the reach it, but if they are below half they cannot stray farther than 12" from it. (every model in the unit)
    Attackers have all they're units in reserve and can choose 3 Troops to enter on turn 1, any more only enter on a 6. Then, Turn 2 onwards, uses the normal reserve rules. Deep striking units from attackers can only DS within 6" of a friendly model, but does not scatter (Or only 1d6"?), and the Deep Strike Standard rule isn't used (So only actual DS units can do so.) I was also considering imposing a -1 LD OR lose Fearless (If the model has it) if the only Defending HQ is killed.

    So anyway, I think this is pretty interesting, I'm hoping to playtest it soon. Also, I assumed the multiplayer aspect would be multiple defenders splitting they're points. I'm not sure why, it just seems like it would be more interesting that way.

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