Hey guys.

I've been working on a DIY Marine codex for the past couple of months, and its probably 80% done, but I wanted to get some opinions on some rules before I finished up.

In many ways, it is similar to the MEQ codices we know and love/hate (ymmv), but I've tried to add and change things where I felt they needed it. Ultimately, the codex is something of a personal "ideal" codex, but with things still being balanced.

Without further ado:

1. Replace Combat Tactics with:
Righteous Fury: All to-hit rolls of 6 generate a new attack. These new attacks may generate new attacks once (not ad infinitum).
May be further upgraded for some units (generally for 5 pts/model, though some units have access to it for 3 pts, mainly Terminators) to Zealous Fury. Under Zealous Fury, 5+s to hit generate new attacks and those attacks may generate new attacks once. The model's attacks are also rending, but the rending attacks may not be used in conjunction with power weapons of any sort.

2. Tempest Transport Tank
Cost: 70 pts AV: 12 12 10 BS: 4
Transport Capacity : 12
Wargear: Assault Ramp, Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight
Firing Points: 2 (top)
Access points: 3 (front and sides)
May not carry terminators or units with jump packs
May purchase any of the following:
-Over charged engines: 20 pts
- May take one of the following sponson choices: Heavy Bolters - 25 pts, Heavy Flamers - 25 pts, Lascannons - 60 pts (transport capacity drops to 10 if bought to make space for the generators)
- May take: Storm Bolter: 10 pts, Hunter Killer Missile: 10 pts, Extra Armor: 15 pts, Dozer Blade: 5 pts, Power of the Machine Spirit - Lesser: 20 pts

The Tempest Transport tank fills the gap between the rhino and the Land Raider. An accurate description for it might be "the Groundraven."

3. To expand on power of the machine spirit lesser form above, I separate power of the machine spirit into two rules:
Power of the Machine Spirit - Lesser: Same as normal power of the machine spirit, except the weapon is fired at -1 bs.
Power of the Machine Spirit - Greater: Same as normal Power of the Machine spirit

4. Tiered Psychic Powers
This one is probably going to be contentious. Basically I set up powers that cost more to use, but are more powerful.
Tiers are 1, 2, and 3 (and 0, but that's for a special group of guys, and aren't used by the Librarium proper).
Tier 1 powers are basically the same as the powers we have now.
Tier 2 powers act as 2 powers, in that to use one, it counts as using two powers, and to take one it counts as taking 2 powers (thus, an Epistolary could take 2 tier 1 powers and use them both, or 1 tier 2 power, and only use just it)
Tier 3 powers are for special characters only, and they require them to count as 3 powers both for the purposes of taking and using powers.

Tier 1: Might of Heroes: A selected model within 6" gains +d3 attacks
Tier 2: Might of Dorn: A selected model within 6" gains +d6+1 attacks (not exceeding 10 for this number + base attacks)
Tier 3: Might of the Emperor: A selected model within 6" gains +2d6+1 attacks (not exceeding 10 for this number + base attacks)

I have plenty of other little changes to rules, and some bigger ones, but this is enough for now. So what does everyone think of these new rules? Is anything overpowered or just generally a bad idea? Any suggestions?