Good Evening all,
I was wondering about something that I was hoping you could help me out with. Since Space Marines have 5 codex books (CM, C:BT, CW, CA, C:BA) 6 if you consider chaos another flavor of Marines...what would prevent GW from coming up with specific codex books for the other races. They wouldn't have to creat 'new' races, and could expand upon the existing forces a bit and give them their own flavor.

For me, I would like to create a Codex: Ulthwe (I chose Ulthwe because I have a larger collection of them than I do Iyanden or Saim Hann)

Some of the ideas that I have are as follows:

*Eldrad Ulthuan would be an Ulthwe Special Character

*Farseers come in two categories. The farseers we are familiar with, and High-Seers high seers can use two powers automatically and can have +1 with spirit stones.
-High Seers wouldn't have jetbikes as an option.
-High Seers would be able to take force weapons.

*New Farseer Powers
-Hinder: This power is used at the beginning of the eldar player's movement phase. Choose one enemy non-vehicle unit within "24 inches. This unit moves as though in difficult terrain until the end of the opposing player's turn
-Wraithgate: This power is used at the beginning of the Eldar player's movement phase. The farseer, may teleport any friendly non-vehicle unit within 24". Remove the unit from the table and place anywhere on the board as though arriving from deep strike.
-Obscure: This power is used at the beginning of the Eldar Player's movement phase. The Farseer targets one friendly unit within 18". The unit gains the "Stealth" USR, and enemy models wishing to target them have to roll spotting distance per the night fighting rules.
-Augment: This power is used immediately preceding the use of another psychic power. The seer must target himself. If successfully cast, the next power used successfully on this turn will have its range doubled.

Warlock Battle Choir
-This unit would consist of 3-10 warlocks. The battle choir may pool their psychic energy to cast a devestating blast of eldritch energy. During the shooting phase the battle choir may make a psychic test. If successful the entire squad makes a single attack with the following profile:
Range: 36", Strength: Varies, AP: 4 Heavy 4 Barrage, Blast, Pinning, Ignores Cover
*The strength of this attack is equal to the number of warlocks remaining in the unit

Black Guardians
-Would use the entry for Dire Avengers

I would like to keep it flavored like the Ulthwe Strike Force from the Eye of Terror campaign, limiting the number of large vehicles

What ideas do you have for the Ulthwe?

Am I off my nut?

What sort of things would you like to see for your favorite craftworld/sept/clan/etc?