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    The Purple Hand combines the lust for knowledge of the Thousand Sons with the tech of the Iron Warriors so they really don't follow any one rule set so i combined and altered a little:

    1. can only have mark of Tzeentch

    2.vehicles must be dedicated to Tzeentch or not dedicated

    3. can take servo arms at 50pts

    4.only daemon princes and possesed marines

    5. chaos space marines that are not Aspiring Champions have the "Slow and Purposeful" rule due to the fact that they are more machine than man

    what do you all think? are they alright? any suggestions would be welcome.

    and how should i model them? i'm thinking like the iron hands on the GW website but purple and gold. what do you think?

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    that sounds like an intersting army love to see some pics when there done
    Yes people i know that my spelling and punctuation is awful but I am product of British teaching pollicies so what can I do about it?

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