Hey all,

I have a tourney coming up and although this may have been already discussed at length in another thread at another point in time, I am looking for some clarification without having to spend hours of time looking for an old thread.

The Tyranids FAQ states that a unit that takes a mycetic spore may not join an IC to the squad before they DStrike onto the board and therefore arrive out of the pod with the IC in the squad.
If this is the case, is it therefore true that SM IC's can't join a unit that is arriving via drop pod, as this seems like a pretty cut and dry situation to me, but I can't find any reference to how the SM rules dictate that their drop pods work and I don't own a SM codex.

Also on a side note, it has been speculated and discussed in many forum posts that I have read recently that a prime attached to a warrior squad may not outflank using the special rule granted by the HT "Hive Commander" upgrade rule since people argue that he is not a "Troops" choice. The tricky part is that the BRB states that an IC can join a unit before the reserves roll is rolled for and therefore becomes part of the unit he joins. The difficulty is determining when the "Hive Commander" special rule kicks in to give the unit the ability to outflank. Is it before the game begins when you are deploying or when the units that are being held in reserve are announced (including what units specific IC's are joining).
I submit that if a unit or IC doesn't have the special rule (Scouts or Infiltrate) to allow them to outflank, then they can't, no matter how much you look at it, but seeing as the ability to outflank for warriors is being bestowed by an upgrade ability given to the HT, could it work?
Also (seems a bit silly really), can anyone let me know if you can outflank a valkyrie carrying any units (as it can't be a dedicated transport, as far as I'm aware) and the units it is carrying would therefore have to have a special rule of their own to allow them to outflank, or the valkyrie would lose it's capacity to do this.