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    Noise Marines Dread - Rules Develop

    Hi All,

    Wanting to create and field an all Noise Marines army (gona take 7months to pay for so have some time - bluddy sonic weapons upgrade pack) and noticed that the Forgeworld site had a Emperor's Children Sonic Dreadnaught and have designed both a sonic blaster and blastmaster arm for it (both right which is slightly irritating) but if i wanted to field these would i be able to just pay the upgrade price for it as if it was a normal marine (i.e 5pts or 40pts) and it looks like it had a doom siren on top of the head (similiar to main model)...so could i in effect take the base cost of a CSM dread (90pts) and add the arm upgrade and the cost of doom siren and effectivly make it a Sonic Dread....would this be allowed in main competitve games or would this be fluffy and friendly only?

    Thanks in advance for opinions and ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meir Link View Post
    ...noticed that the Forgeworld site had a Emperor's Children Sonic Dreadnaught
    They are in imperial armour apoc 2.

    The entry includes a note for their use in normal games, for a flat upgrade cost equal to the cost of a single noise marine you get a dirge caster and the following options :

    -swap a twin-linked heavy bolter for two dirge casters
    -swap a twin-linked autocannon for a blastmaster
    -swap a heavy flamer for a doom siren

    The costs of all the weapon swaps are included in the initial upgrade price and the cost of the dread's original weapons. The book does require you to take at least one squad of noise marines if you use any sonic dreadnoughts.

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    Ok only semi relevant but there are other ways then buying heaps of sonic weapon packs the way I am thinking of is buy normal chaos space marines then use guitar wire and the wolf heads from the vehicle sprues to make them into noise marines much more economical.

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