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    Space Marine Apocalypse Datasheet - Reclusiary Sermon (Chaplain Squad)

    Reclusiary Sermon


    A Space Marine who has been singled out as a potential Chaplain will be assigned to an existing Chaplain and learn from them and follow them into battle as well as in prayer. At times, the Master of Sanctity of the Chapter may gather such recruits under his valued tutelage and lead them into the fray, and the damage that can be wrought by such a potent warrior and his most pious students is a potent inspiration to other Space Marines of their Chapter.
    The Chaplain-Initates may have diverse skills of their own that have already marked them for consideration; be it a fiery rhetoric that inspsires such devotion that it allows their brothers to shrug off a crippling wound, or an inspirational prowess at arms. They may also carry a relic of the Chapter to remind their fellows of the weight of duty that their Chapter demands of them.


    1 Master of Sanctity (Space Marine Chaplain - Chaplain Cassius may be chosen)
    1 Chaplain Initiate Squad (Command Squad)


    Combined Squad: The Master Sanctity begins the game attached to the Command Squad and loses his Independent Character rule unless the Command Squad is wiped out.

    Soul of the Chapter: The Master of Sanctity's Liturgies of Battle and Honour of the Chapter special rule apply to all friendly Space Marine units within 6" of him.

    Chapter Relic: If the Command Squad buys a Company Standard, they will have a Chapter Relic instead. The Chapter Relic can be revealed by the model bearing it once per game at any point, and doing so will grant a +1 Attack bonus to all friendly Space Marines within 2D6" for the remainder of the turn.

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