Land Raider Crusader Hurricane Assault Force


As the Land Raider Crusader increased in popularity in Space Marine forces after its conception, commanders found that the combined fire of several of the vehicles could prove absolutely devastating, the sustained fire of their hurricane bolters and assault cannons saturating the area occupied by a target with armour piercing explosive rounds, with the sheer volume of fire and potential for ricochets making a mockery of any cover the enemy might seek to cower behind.


3+ Land Raider Crusaders, one of which must be designated as the command tank.


Strike Force: All tanks in the assault force must be deployed within 6" of the command tank, or if coming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 6" of the point entered by the command tank.

Bullet Storm: If two or more Crusaders from the formation fire at the same target in the shooting phase (declaring their target simulatenously), resolve their combined shooting against each target as one attack, modifying any cover saves made by the target unit by -1 for each Crusader after the first which is contributing to the attack. Please note that this modifier only applies to shots from assault cannons, hurricane bolters and storm bolters, not multi-meltas or hunter-killer missiles.

Command Tank: As long as the assault force command tank is mobile, any tank in the assault force within 6" of it (iuncluding the command tank itself) may ignore Crew Shaken results on the damage tables.

"The galaxy is The Emperor's, and anyone or anything who challenges that claim is an enemy who must be destroyed." -Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht