Ironclad Charge


Heavily armed and armoured, Ironclad pattern Space Marine Dreadnoughts are capable of tearing through almost anything the galaxy can provide and weathering anything that is thrown at them. When several of these armoured warriors stride forth together, they can build up considerable momentum, shaking the ground and moving with a speed belying their contrusction, throwing off the aim of those who try to take them down. Once they are moving at full stride, the Ironclads will just smash through any obstacles or enemies that lie in their path, leaving torn earth and ruined bodies strewn in their wake.


3+ Ironclad Dreadnoughts. One Dreadnought must be designated the charge leader.


Strike Force: All Dreadnoughts in the formation must be deployed within 6" of the charge leader, or if coming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 6" of the point entered by the charge leader.

Implacable Advance: As long as they moved at least 6" in their last movement phase, Dreadnoughts in the formation within 6" of the charge leader (including the charge leader itself) subtract 1 from rolls made on the vehicle damage table against them.

Unstoppable: As long as the charge leader is mobile, any Dreadnought in the Ironclad Charge within 6" of it (including the charge leader itself) has the Hit and Run special rule, unless they are locked in an assault involving an enemy walker or monstrous creature.

"NONE SHALL BAR OUR PATH!" -Ironclad Brother Brucetus, Ultramarines 8th Company