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    Space Marine Apocalypse Datasheet - Scout Bike Ambush Force

    Scout Bike Ambush Force


    In a Space Marine force, squads of Scout Bikes normally run reconnaisance missions and lightning strikes against assets behind enemy lines before joining the battle proper. Sometimes, when the enemy force is too large, their bases too well protected, or reconnaisance has already been captured by orbital scanning or other such means, Scout Bikers may instead be tasked with making a strike at a particularly threatening enemy target by manner of an attack from an unexcpected quarter. This will involve a long and dangerous ride at high speed, often through extremely hazardous terrain or through the middle of enemy forces. It is a perilous duty, and few commanders are willing to risk the lives of their Scouts so greatly, but in times of extreme need the tactic has undeniable benefits, the attacks made before the enemy has even had a chance to see it coming.


    3-6 Squads of Scout Bikes. One squad must be designated the Ambush Leader. None of the squads may take cluster mines (they will be far too busy to use them).


    Alpha Strike: The Ambush Force is not deployed with the rest of the army held, however they arrive before the first turn commences: after any scout moves are complete, the units in the formation must move onto the table from any point on any board edge that is more than 12" from any enemy models. All units in the formation must enter the table within 6" of the point entered by the Ambush Leader. After the units have moved onto the board, units in the formation take an extra turn - they are free to shoot or assault enemy units as normal. Once the squads have completed these actions, the first turn begins as normal (note that the squads in the formation cannot make a scout move).

    Running The Gauntlet: Each squad in the Ambush Force must take D3 dangerous terrain tests (owning player choses which models take the test) before entering the table - any that fail do not enter the board and are counted as casualties.

    "The lives of millions, and the honour of our Chapter hang in the balance, brother. Failure is not an option." -Captain Androcles, Star Phantoms Chapter

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