Lictor Reconnaissance Force

Points: 200 + models

Lictors are sent before the main Hive invasion to scout and infiltrate the area, gathering as much information as possible - the inhabitants (also know as the "dinner"), threats, geography, strategic topography, and any other information deemed useful to the Hive Mind. They spend weeks, possibly even months, in a location at a time. By the time the main fleet arrives, thanks to the data collected by the lictors, they are well prepared to consume the planet. The lictors then attack via ambush and guerilla warfare, surgically taking out weaker or isolated units.

0-1 Deathleaper
3+ Lictor Broods

Special Rules:
Strike Force:
Each unit in the formation must deploy within 12" of another unit in the formation. If coming in from reserves, they must enter the table within 12" of another unit in the formation. The entire formation deploys as 1 unit.

Reconnaisance Data: From all the information gathered, the Tyranid army gets the following Strategic Assets:

Careful Planning
Strategic Redeployment
Surgical Raids