Biovore Bombardment Formation

Points: 50 + models

There are times when the Hive Mind comes up against heavily fortified strongholds or encampments where resistance is especially stubborn. Oftentimes, the answer to this is a stampede of carnifexes to break through the barriers, followed by the swarms which usually overrun the place.

However, usually overlooked are the hundreds of biovores that bombard the stronghold with corrosive mines to "soften" up the area before the stampede begins, weakening the structure as well as any resistance just enough so that the inevitable overrun would be less costly. The spore mines they produce have been enhanced to be more corrosive in nature, meant to eat away at metal as well as flesh. It is an agonizing death and with enough hits, will wither down any building or vehicle into ruins.

1+ Hive Tyrants (may be the Swarmlord)
3-10 Biovore broods, each with 3-members

Special Rules:

Strike Force: All biovore broods in the formation must deploy within 12" of the hive tyrant. If coming in from reserves, they must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the hive tyrant.

Death From Above: For each biovore brood that fires at the same target, use the following, single profile for all broods involved:

Biovore Bombardment: Range: 48" + Special (see below) S:4* AP:4 Apocalyptic Barrage (X)

where X = number of biovore models in the formation that is firing at the same target

*All vehicles suffer an automatic glancing hit on an armor penetration roll of '6' for each and every hit caused by the bombardment.

Long Range Bombardment: For every biovore brood in the formation after the 1st 3 broods, add +6" to the range of the Biovore Bombardment as long as they have line of sight to the target. LoS is established if any model in the formation, including the hive tyrant and its tyrant guards, can see the target. If they do not have LoS to the target, they may still fire, but without the extra range.

For example, a Biovore Bombardment formation consisting of 5 biovore broods firing at the same target has a range of 60" if they have LoS to the target.