Land Speeder Storm Skybreaker Formation


When deployed in large formations, Space Marine Scouts can use Land Speeder Storms to drop cluster mines with proximity triggers onto the battlefield. This tactic works best if the Speeders are released from a Thunderhawk Gunship or other transport, where they can drop in from the sky, deploying their mines where they can cause the most disruption before they have even joined the battle.


3+ Land Speeder Storms.
One Land Speeder Storm must be designated as the Storm Leader.
One Space Marine Scout Squad must be chosen for each Land Speeder Storm.


From The Skies: The Scout Squads must all begin the game embarked in the Speeders, and the formation will always arrive using deep strike.

Coordinated Assault: When the formation arrives, determine the deep strike arrival point of the Storm Leader first. The other Land Speeder Storms in the formation must deep strike within 6"of the Storm Leader, but do not scatter.

Minelayers: The Skybreaker formation grants the owning player the Minefields strategic asset, however the minefield is not placed until the formation deep strikes, and must be placed so that it is at least partially within 12" of a model from the formation. Additionally, the minefield must be one continuous area - it may not be split.

"You will execute the manouever to perfection, and you will face your enemy across a minefield that was not there moments before. The cautious enemy will refuse to cross, and be fodder for your guns. Those more lacking in restraint, such as the Ork, will doubtless choose to charge, and those who survive will find themselves prey for your blades." -Captain Antilochus, Ultramarines Chief of Recruits