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    Carnifex Juggernaut Stampede

    Carnifex Juggernaut Stampede Formation

    Points: 150 + models

    Against heavy resistance, the Hive Mind will oftentimes bring out one of their most feared weapons - the Carnifex Juggernaut Stampede. Usually used against heavily defended fortresses and strongholds, these carnifexes are driven to the brink of madness (if ever there was such as thing) from hunger and an overload of xenoic hormones stimulated by the Hive Mind. They are much more aggressive and resilient than the average stock and once released, they cannot be stopped until either all resistance is destroyed or they themselves are.

    3+ Carnifex broods

    Special Rules:
    Strike Force: Each carnifex brood in the formation must deploy within 6" of another carnifex brood. If coming in from reserves, each carnifex brood must enter the table within 6" of the any other carnifex brood in the formation.

    Ultra-Aggressiveness: On the charge, each carnifex in the formation that charges gets a bonus to its total Attacks equal to the number of models remaining in its brood. These bonus attacks replace the standard bonus +1 A for charging. For example, a brood of 3 carnifexes charges a unit. Each carnifex in that brood will get +3A on the turn they charged. In addition, all carnifexes in the formation have the Fleet USR.

    However, due to their over-aggressiveness, their utter disregard for safety and their jostling with each other while trying to reach the target, if the brood that is charging consists of more than 1 carnifex, then that brood takes D6 S6 hits, with armor saves allowed. Any wounds suffered in this way count towards combat resolution.

    Unstoppable Force: Each carnifex in the formation has the Feel No Pain USR.

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