Ymgarl Infiltration Cult Formation

Points: 100 + models

Ymgarls have been sent way before the main Hive Fleet invasion in order to infiltrate and gather data on the local indigenous life as well as planet resources. They have been integrated into local society weeks, sometimes even months, before the Hive Fleet will arrive, steadily feeding information back to the Hive Mind. During that time, they have also been "recruiting" followers to serve the Hive Mind by transforming them into genestealers.

1 unit of Ymgarl Genestealers

Special Rules:
Traitors in Our Midst: The Ymgarls in this formation always start off in reserves. When they come in, instead of deploying normally, the owner of the formation must assign 1 ymgarl model to each enemy non-vehicular unit that is currently on the board. This special rule does not affect vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, Independent Characters or any unit consisting of just 1 model. If there are more ymgarls than there are available units for them to deploy in, then the owner of this formation may then "wrap around" and assign a second ymgarl to each unit until there are no more ymgarls. If there are still ymgarls remaining, then the owner may wrap them around again and so on until all ymgarls are uniformally distributed among enemy units.

After all ymgarls have been allocated, roll 1D6 for each Ymgarl in an enemy unit and distribute them as per shooting attack. These are the number of models in that unit that must take a Toughness test. Any model that fails its Toughness test is removed and replaced with a regular genestealer. Place all genestealers coming from the same enemy unit 1" away from any enemy models and within coherency of each other. These genestealers now form a new unit. If the enemy unit is inside a transport, place the genestealers outside of the transport (and 1" away from the transport) as if they had just disembarked from that transport. Note that if the access point of the transport is blocked, then the newly spawned genestealers must perform an emergency disembarkation.

The enemy unit may be in close combat. Genestealers spawned from units in assault are placed 1" away from the combat, in coherency and closest to the unit where they came from. They are not involved in the assault.

If any genestealer models may not be placed legally (i.e. the unit is surrounded), then that model is removed from play along with the enemy model that failed its Toughness test. In any case, there may not be more genestealers spawned than there are legal models in the unit which spawned them (i.e. may only spawn at most 5 genestealers if the original unit consisted of 5 members) and any Independent Characters attached to the unit do not count towards this total. All ymgarls are removed from play, whether or not they have successfully "converted" any enemy models to genestealers or not.

Genestealers spawned this way may not assault on the turn they come in, though they may run in the shooting phase.