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    The Indomitable Hive Mind Formation

    The Indomitable Hive Mind Formation

    Points: 200 + models

    There's nothing quite as powerful as that of the mind of a Hive Tyrant...except, of course, when several tyrants link their minds together to form an even more powerful network of psychic energy. While this is not common, hive tyrants from different splinter fleets have been known to work together in this fashion, especially when facing against powerfully psychic enemies. And on the very rare occasions that they do, they are indeed very formidable as they augment each others abilities.

    Oftentimes when the tyrants link their psychic might, one will also find several broods of zoanthropes working together with them. These zoanthropes act as psychic conduits to help amplify their power. In the process, each zoanthrope's psychic prowess is augmented as well.

    3-6 Hive Tyrants (May use the Swarmlord in place of a Hive Tyrant. Each tyrant may have tyrant guards)
    0-3 Zoanthrope broods, 3 zoanthropes per brood

    Special Rules:
    Strike Force: Each Hive Tyrant (including the Swarmlord) must be deployed within 6" of another Tyrant. Each brood of zoanthrope must also be deployed within 6" of a Hive Tyrant. If coming in from reserves, each tyrant and zoanthrope brood must come in within 6" of another tyrant

    Psychic Monstrosity: The range of Synapse, Shadows in the Warp and all psychic powers of all units in the formation is augmented as follows: range is increased by +6" per Hive Tyrant in the formation after the 1st tyrant. For example, if there are 5 tyrants in the formation, then Synapse, Shadows, The Horror, Leech Essence and Paroxysm become 36" in range (42" synapse for the Swarmlord) whereas the range for Psychic Scream is 24" + 2D6". Moreover, Warp Blast becomes 48" and Warp Lance 42" for the zoanthropes in the formation.

    Furthermore, any enemy unit attempting to nullify any psychic powers and who are within range of Shadows of the Warp of any unit in this formation receives a -1 modifier on their dispel attempts. This include attempts to dispel via Psychic Hoods, Runic Weapons, Wolftail Talismans, the Aegis, Unguents of Warding and Shield of Faith. Against Runes of Warding or another Tyranid's Shadows in the Warp, any unit belonging to this formation gets a modifier of -1 on its Psychic Tests (i.e. 3D6-1).

    For each Tyrant in the formation that is killed, the range of each unit in the formation is reduced by D6". Thus, if 1 of the 5 tyrants in the above example is killed, the range of Synapse, Shadows in the Warp and all psychic powers drops to an effective range of 30" (36" synapse for the Swarmlord and 18" + 2D6" for Psychic Scream).

    Master Strategist: The tyrants in this formation not only combine their psychic might, but they also share their knowledge as well. The Tyranid player gets either the Careful Planning strategic asset or the Strategic Redeployment strategic asset (the owning player may pick only 1).

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    My kind of formation!

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