Hi guys.

I've been reading through the Dornian Heresy stuff, from B&C and it's all really cool. It's sparked my imagination in a way that GW hasn't done in a long time.

Reading through the Word Bearers stuff, I came to the Age of Apostasy. Now, I knew about Sebastian Thor before hand, but it was all a bit vague. While I thought the Dornian Heresy Version was cool, I didn't think much until I came to convert a Captain for my DH Word Bears army which I was inspired to create.

Once I'd built him, I sat him on my desk, and only one name came to mind. "Sebastian Thor."

The rules for a bog standard captain in the BA codex (Which I'm using, mainly to use the Sanguinor) are too mundane for someone as epic as Thor, so I put these rules together for him.

C&C very welcome

Sebastian Thor (180pts)

WS - 7
BS - 5
S - 4
T - 4
W - 3
I - 5
A - 3
Ld - 10
Sv - 2+

Unit Type: Infantry

Number/Squad: 1 (Unique) - Any Dornain Heresy Word Bearers army may select one Sebastian Thor model.

>Artificier Armour
>Bolt Pistol
>Frag and Krak Grenades
>Iron Halo
>Thunder Hammer
>Lorgar's Will

Lorgar's Will: Part of the Primarch's wargear left behind on Dimmamar, Thor's homeworld, after Lorgar's ultimate sacrificed, and enshrined in the cathedral he defended, Thor was gifted with the weapon at the start of his crusade to bring down the corrupt Goge Vandire.

Lorgar's Will is a Master Crafted Storm Bolter.

Special Rules:
>And They Shall Know No Fear
>Independant Character
>Ave Imperator!
>Lorgar's Blessing

Ave Imperator: Thor's stoic belief in the Emperor is completely unshakable, and when fighting in His name, nothing short of an Orbital Bombardment will stop him.

Sebastian Thor has the Stubbourn and the Feel No Pain special rules.

Lorgar's Blessing: Being born on Dimmamar at the time of Lorgar's ultimate sacrifice has a certain symbolism that is not lost on Thor's followers. That, coupled with his passionate and eloquent speeches makes him a brilliant leader, not just on the battlefield, but also in faith.

If Sebastian Thor is on the table, then any friendly units can use Thor's leadership for any Morale or Pinning tests.

Guardian of the Emperor's Truth: After the defeat of Goge Vandire, Thor was made the Ecclesiarch (which he later stepped down from) and Master of the Word Bearer's legion. For +70pts, Thor can be upgraded to the Guardian of the Emperor's Truth.If he does so, he gains the following special rules:

>Furious Charge
>Eternal Warrior
>The Luminous Reproach

The Luminous Reproach: A sword crafted for Thor's own hand, it is an almost perfect weapon. Only the weapons of the Emperor and the Primarchs can equal it in both craftmanship and potencey.

The Luminous Reproach is a power weapon that adds +2 Strength, and allows Thor all failed to hit and to wound rolls. In addition, any rolls to wound on which Thor scores a 6 will cause Instant Death, regardless of the target's Toughness.