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    Looking for playtesters for new units for all codecies!

    I really need some outside input on new units I'm developing for my alternate history WW2/40k dubbed 1940k ( 1940k.tumblr.com ). I've removed the sections that include the fluff of these units to make reading them easier. The fluff is located on the Tumblr site. Anyone that could play test these units and send me some feedback would really be appreciated. Quick note: for the Dark Eldar/Necron and Eldar/Tyranid units those armies are either Dark Eldar/Eldar but with 1HQ, 1-3Troops, 1Elite, 1FA and 1HS choices from the Necron codex (for the Dark Eldar) or Tyranids (for the Eldar).
    New Units:

    Captain Sake Oba 150pts
    Captain Sake Oba counts as an HQ choice for a Codex: Tau army. If he is taken, the 1+Commander requirement is changed to 0-1.

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    5 5 5 4 4 4 4 10 3+
    Unit Type: Jump Infantry (jet pack).
    Equipment: “Daisho” Katana and Wakizashi (2 Single handed power weapons that gives a +1 to S), Mk2 Tetsujin Armor, Shield Generator, TL Fusion Blaster, Hard-Wired Blacksun Filter
    Special Rules: The Fox (For 2 additional points per model, Firewarrior squads in an army containing Captain Sake Oba may be given the Infiltrate USR)

    Tako 165pts
    The Tako is a Heavy Support choice for a Codex:Tau army.

    BS F S R
    3 13 12 10
    Type: Tank, Fast, Skimmer
    Weapons and Equipment: Pulse Blaster (36” S5 AP5 Assault 3, Twin-Linked, Pinning), 2x Airbursting Fragmentation Projector (Requires line of sight, direct fire, not a barage weapon), Suppression Grenade Launcher (Units w/in 6” must make a pinning check. Counts as a defensive weapon), Sensor Battery (Counts as Target Lock and Networked Markerlight)
    Special Rules: Deepstrike
    Transport: 8 (Only Gun Drones. A unit of gun drones can begin the game embarked within a Tako even if it is held in reserve.
    Targeting Array………..5pts
    Flechette Discharger..10pts
    Disruption Pod………….5pts
    Decoy Launcher………..5pts

    Colonel Monma Kentaro 85ptsColonel Monma Kentaro counts as an HQ choice for a Codex: Tau army. If he is taken, the 1+Commander requirement is changed to 0-1.

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    5 5 3 3 2 4 3 10 4+
    Unit Type: Infantry
    Equipment: Denkouken (Single handed power weapon that gives a +1 to S), Mk1 Tetsujin Armor, Modified Pulse Pistol (18” S6 AP4 Assault 1)
    Special Rules: Independent Character, Inspiring Presence (As Tau Codex), The Price Of Failure (As Tau Codex), “Kaminari! San! Ni! Ichi! Kyu!” (Colonel Monma Kentaro was the commander of the 18th Infantry Regiment who’s call sign was Thunder 3219. Firewarriors in an army with Colonel Monma Kentaro cost an additional 2 points over the basic cost, and each benefits from +1 Weapon Skill, but otherwise have the same unit size, weapons and options.)


    Arcessitor 85pts
    An Arcessitor is an Elites choice in a Codex:Eldar army.

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    5 5 3 4 3 5 2 10 4+
    Unit Type: Beast
    Weapons/Biomorphs:Bio Electric Pulse (As Trygon), Scything Talons, Hardened Charapace
    Special Rules: Pheremone Trail (As Lictor), Synapse, Psyker, Fearless, Shadow In The Warp, Synapse, Independant Character
    May Replace Scything Talons for Rending Claws…..5pts
    May take Toxin Sacs………………………………………..5pts
    May take Adrenal Glands………………………………..10pts
    Must take 1 of the following Psychic powers: Catalyst (As Tervigon)…..25pts
    Onslaught (As Tervigon)..25pts
    Fortune (As Farseer)……..30pts
    Guide (As Farseer)………..20pts


    Grease Monkeys
    Grease Monkeys are a Troops unit in a Codex:Orks army.
    Grease Monkeys have the same stats/options as Gretchin except that each Monkey (Gretchin) costs 5pts a piece and have the following ability changes:
    They lose the “It’s a Grot’s Life” ability and gain “Gremlin” (Before the first turn but after deployment chose 1 enemy vehicle deployed on the table. Roll on the vehicle damage table at -2. The vehicle begins the game with this damage.) and “How does that work?” In CC a Monkey may replace all of it’s normal attacks with a special “Tinkering” attack. If it hits a vehicle roll again. On a 1-2 nothing happens, on a 3-5 the vehicle receives a glancing hit and on a 6 it receives a penetrating hit.

    Shock Attack Boyz
    Shock Attack Boyz are a Troops unit in a Codex:Orks army.
    Shock Attack Boyz have the same stats/options as Ork Boyz except that they cost 8pts a model.
    Shock Attack Boyz have the “Surprise!” Ability (Shock Attack Boyz have the DS ability but when they DS roll on the “Surprise!” Table:
    1) Teleport Error: The whole unit is destroyed in transit. Remove the unit from the game.
    2) Something Is Wrong: Remove half of the models in the unit before placing it for deepstrike.
    3) Bumpy Ride: The unit makes dangerous terrain tests after it DS, regardless of whether it landed in terrain or not.
    4) Buzz: Units (Enemy and Friendly) within 6” test for pining after the Shock Attack Boyz deepstriking.
    5) Zap: Units (Enemy and Friendly) within 12” test for pining after the Shock Attack Boyz deepstriking.
    6) Surprise: The Shock Attack Boyz may assault after deepstriking.


    Dark Obelisk 185pts
    The Dark Obelisk is a Heavy Support choice for a Codex:Dark Eldar army.

    BS F S R
    4 13 13 13
    Unit Type: Vehicle
    Wargear: Darklight Arc (18” S8 Ap2 Pinning, The Darklight Arc fires 1 shot at ever enemy unit within 18”), Turret Mounted Dark Lance
    Special Rules: Night Vision, Deep Strike (As the monolith from Codex:Necron. Dark Obelisks must Deep Strike in turn 1), Immobile, Living Metal, Power Matrix (As the monolith from Codex:Necron but only part 2), Webway (The Dark Obelisk counts as a Webway portal from Codex:Dark Eldar).



    I won’t be posting the stats as they are exactly the same as the Veteran Squad from Codex: Imperial Guard with the following modifications:
    The squad costs 85pts
    The Engineer Sergeant and Engineers may only chose the Shotgun option, Grenade Launcher, Flamer and Heavy Flamer options. For heavy weapons options the squad may chose Mortar, Missile Launcher or Heavy Stubber (5pts) and up to 4 engineers may be replaced with Heavy Weapons Teams.
    They May choose any 1 of the following abilities: Mines (Counts as snare mines from Veteran Squad) 15pts, Reinforce (As techmarine ability) 15pts, Demolitions (Before both armies are placed but after sides are chosen, chose 1 piece of terrain. Replace it with a crater).
    They have the following ability:
    Sappers: Pick 1 piece of terrain when you deploy the Engineers. Write it down secretly on a piece of a paper. The first enemy or friendly unit to move through that piece of terrain receives (as shooting) 2d6 S4 Ap- hits.

    BTM-1 “Tin Man” 80 pts
    The BTM-1 “Tin Man” is an Elites Choice in Codex Imperial Guard.

    WS BS S Front Side Rear I A
    3 3 6 11 11 11 3 2
    Unit Composition: 1 BTM-1
    Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker)
    Wargear: Smith & Wesson Heavy Revolver (12” S6 AP3 Assault 2), Axe (Close Combat Weapon)
    Special Rules: Paradrop (The Tin Man may be placed and reserve and deployed as per the deepstrike rules with the following changes: When a hit is rolled on the dice roll 1d6 and scatter the Tin Man in the direction of the arrow on the hit dice. If an arrow is rolled, roll 3d6 and scatter the Tin Man)
    Replace Heavy Revolver with Ithaca 77 (S5 AP4 Template)…..free
    Any model may take any of the following:
    Extra Armor…………………………………………………………………………..+15pts
    M-19 “Popgun” (36” S8 AP3 Ordinance, Large Blast, 1 Shot)…………………..+10pts

    Koloß-1 105pts

    Koloß-1 takes up a Heavy Support slot in either “Codex: Chaos Space Marines” or “Codex: Imperial Guard.”

    BS Front Side Rear
    3 12 10 10
    Unit Composition: 1 Koloß-1
    Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
    Wargear: Hochexplosive Kanone (24” Minimum Range 12” S6 Ap3 Ordinance, Large Blast, No cover save allowed), Heavy Bolter
    Any model may take one of the following:
    Extra Armor…………………..+15pts
    Dozer Blade…………………..+10pts
    Hunter Killer Missile………..+10pts
    Any model may have Heavy Flamer Sponsons for 15pts
    Mark 5 Fragmentation Hand Grenades (12” S4 AP6 Heavy, Blast)……..+5pts

    Nachtspatz-2 Na2 45pts

    The Nachtspatz takes up a Fast Attack slot in either “Codex: Chaos Space Marines” or “Codex: Imperial Guard.”

    BS Front Side Rear
    3 10 10 10

    Unit Composition: 1 Nachtspatz-2
    Unit Type: Vehicle (Fast, Skimmer)
    Wargear: Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
    Special Rules: Deep Strike, Disengage (At the end of the opponent’s shooting phase, if the Nachtspatz-2 is not immobilized or stunned, you may choose to remove the Nachtspatz-2 from the board. In your following turn return the Nachtspatz-2 to the board using the Deepstrike rules)
    Options: The Nachtspatz can replace its Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter for a Twin-Linked Autocannon for free.
    Any model may take one of the following:
    Heavy Armor…………………..+10pts.
    Hunter Killer Missile…………+10pts

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