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    Sector Sized Abstract Play

    So I've brainstormed and come up with an idea for a neat abstract style of gameplay for large actions, like the invasion of the Cadian sector for instance. It involves both the space and ground actions of a war, including the creation and requisition of new units.

    So, here is an outline for the actual mechanics--
    The campaign is fought over a large area, an important sector most likely. Let's say the Imperium has 50 occupied systems in said random sector. They have a certain X number of Naval assets and IG assets. The Imperial player deploys these assets as he sees fit. The attacking player attacks from a certain edge of the sector, or they emerge from the warp in one system deep inside the sector, whatever. The game is played on a board, the size of your average Risk board, large, but not too big. On top of a nice starry background are systems and warp routes, maybe some terrain features like a nebula or something. When a Naval unit moves to another system it has to travel via warp routes, some routes take longer to complete than others however, longer journeys will have one or more stops before the destination. For example, it will take two turns to get from system A to system B, so there will be an area to place said Naval unit until next turn.

    Now onto the units themselves-- Each unit, both Naval and Ground has the following characteristics:
    Power- an abstract representation of overall combat effectiveness.
    Build Time- for units that can be produced in-sector, specifies the number of turns required to build.
    Requisition Points- the number of Requisition points required to petition out of sector command for units.

    Example units-- Power: Build: Requisition: Special:
    Escort Squadron---1---------------3 When a Cruiser or Battleship is in the same system, one of them gets +1 Power.
    Cruiser--------------2---------------6 When a Battleship is in the same system, it gets +1 Power.
    Orbital Defense----2----------------4 When a ship is in this system, it gets "Turn the Tables" 6+ or gets its already existing "Turn the Tables" ability reduced by one.
    Sensor Array-------5----------------8 All friendly ships in system have +2 Leadership when determining Initiative.
    Jammer Array-------------7--------12 Enemy has -2 Leadership when determining Initiative.

    IG Regiment--------1------9---------3
    Fortifications--------2-----11--------- One Regiment may garrison a Fort, the Fort must be destroyed before the Regiment can be attacked.

    Command 7---------------9---------20 A Leadership 7 Command
    Command 8---------------13--------30 A Leadership 8 Command
    Command 9---------------17--------40 A Leadership 9 Command
    Command 10--------------21-------50 A Leadership 10 Command

    Leadership affects Initiative, which units attack first. It also affects Morale, and can be used to increase the effectiveness of units. I'm still unsure of exactly how I want Leadership to work. Each unit has a base Leadership of 6. If there is a Command in a system, then all units automatically assume that Commands Leadership value.

    Initiative is determined at the start of the turn by both players rolling 2d6 and adding their sector Leadership. This is also done for each system they have units in, rolling 2d6 per system and adding the Leadership value of that system. The one that rolls highest wins Initiative. The player that wins the sector Initiative adds 1 to the Leadership of all his units sector wide.

    Leadership can also be used to increase the capabilities of units. To increase the attack roll of a unit by one that unit must roll a 6 on d6. However, Commands can lower this number- Leadership 7: 5+ Leadership 8: 4+ Leadership 9: 3+ Leadership 10: 2+.

    Leadership can also be used to make units "Turn the Tables". Leadership 7: D3 units Leadership 8: 2D3 units Leadership 9: 3D3 units Leadership 10: 4D3 units.


    After Initiative is determined, the player that won may attack. If he chooses to defend however, all of his units get +1 to their defense rolls. To attack, simply declare which of your units are attacking which of his units. Then declare if any of your units will be attempting to "Turn the Tables". When a unit attempts to "Turn the Tables" they roll a D6 and compare it to what they need to successfully "Turn the Tables", if they are successful then the unit rolls a further D6. Multiply the result by the unit's Power. The unit has this Power for the following attacks. Now, roll a D6 for each Power point of every Attacking and Defending unit. After applying any modifiers to the rolls compare them. Line up each player's dice from highest to lowest, for each die that the Attacker gets OVER the defender's (defender wins ties) a unit loses one Power. After the attacker has no more dice that are OVER the defender's, the attacker loses one Power point per die that the defender has OVER the attacker's. A unit is destroyed if it has no Power points left. If the attacker defeated the defender and still has dice left over, he may use the 'overkill' to attack another unit. The defending unit rolls dice and lines them up from highest to lowest next to the dice the attacker had left over. Repeat until either no more dice are left over, the attacker wins, or the attacker or defender withdraws.

    Its quite rough and imcomplete I know, but that was the result of my brainstorm. Thanks for reading, please comment.

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