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    Land Raider Protector Pattern

    Same stats as standard LR, only difference is it can only transport 6 models (probably a Chapter Master and Honor Guard) this transport capacity is replaced by a powerful shield generator. The LR Protector costs 300 points.


    Throughout the wars of the past ten thousand years Space Marines have fought against vicious foes across open wastelands where even the awesome armor of a Land Raider might not be adequate. Learning from these situations and their probable devastating outcomes to the Chapter, it has become somewhat common practice for Techmarines to install shield generators in Land Raiders that increase the survivability of both the tank and surrounding units.

    The generator is simply put into the transport compartment of the Land Raider and connected to its power systems. While this provides an easy solution to the problem the generator requires the full power output of the tank, slowing it down and preventing it from firing its main weapon system. Because of this some Chapters choose to remove the transport capacity completely by adding a power supply for the generator, thereby allowing the vehicle to move and fire normally.

    Special Rules:

    Shield Generator-
    The generator reduces all incoming fire originating outside of 6" by 3 strength and 1 AP during the enemy's turn, Meltas loose their Melta rule. All models friend and foe within 6" of the LR also use the shield's rules, vehicles roll a 4+ to use it if they are not wholly inside the 6".

    However, due to power consumption if the LR moves at Cruising speed and/or shoots its Lascannons it can not be used. If the enemy's turn is before yours and you choose to use the generator, then on your turn you cannot use the Lascannons or move faster than Combat speed. If you do not move and do not fire the Lascannons the range of protection may be increased to 12"

    The generator is NOT affected by Weapon Destroyed results (it is in the transport area, and models being transported cannot be injured unless the transport is destroyed), nor is it affected by Shaken or Stunned as it is not a weapon.

    *Note that you may exchange the term Lascannon for Flamestorm Cannon or Hurricane Bolter as necessary.*

    Power Generator- The last 6 capacity of transport may be filled with a power generator that supplies the shield generator. This allows the LR Protector to act normally during its movement and shooting phases and still use the shield generator. This removes the LR's ability to transport models and extends the range of the shield permanently to 12". The upgrade puts the protector at 450 points.

    Alright what do you think?

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    Increase the point costs.Remove the second options cause it makes it like a titan!
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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