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    Quick Opinion Needed

    My local store is running a friendly 1500 point tournament. My opponent and I had a really good close game. When the judge started adding up the VP's they calculated my VP's wrong. I should have won, but I didn't notice till I got home and looked at my sheet and looked at the BRB. The Tourniment director said that in the VP secction of the rule book, if an independent character takes any damage he's worth half. Well I had 2 out of 3 wounds and looking at the VP section in the rule book it stated I need to be at half damage or less to be counted at Half points. I called the tournament director and told him where to look in the BRB, and he said due to his error with the rules I am the victor, and he will call my opponent to tell him. I was thinking to myself that If I was getting this call how I would react. Now unlike a missed rule during a game like forgetting rending on rolls of 6's that would have made a different game result or Forgetting that troops with ATSKNF can't be caught in a sweeping advance. This was just bad math at the end of the game. I'm sure at first I'd be a little upset but in the end since it was just bad math I'd probably come around and be ok since it's just a friendly tournament and even if you lose your not out quite yet. How would some of you guys feel about that? If you went home thinking you won, then the tournament director calls and says he made a mistake on the math and you actually lost. What would be your reaction?

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    Depends,there are quite some factors.

    The honest and good meaning player:He didnt knew that happened but if he knew he would have told so himself.
    So he would be sad by this turn of events but been an honest player he will get on with it.

    The sly not so honest:Will get preatty upset because he indeed knew the rulling and he got robbed of the win even after he
    had it secured.

    I would get a bit upset,but after all rules are rules.No hard feelings after all its not your fault nobody out of three people missed a rule.
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    I personally would like to think I would take it pretty maturely and apologise to my opponent for not noticing the mistake. However depending on the type of player some people would throw a tantrum or say 'it's his fault for not noticing it at the time, I should get the win anyway' or whatever. But I hope most players of this hobby wouldn't do that.

    ~ Acarna

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