Warlord's of Chaos were often the Lord Commanders of the First Legions. Considered to be equals to the mighty Daemon Princes, Warlords' rule entire systems in the Eye, their skills are unmatched and show abilities few Chapter Masters can match and fewer walk away from.

0-1 Warlord's of Chaos - 200
7 5 4 4 4 5 4 10 2+/5++

Special Rules
Eternal Warrior


Supreme Marks of Chaos

Khorne - 20 - Grants Furious Charge and Plus 2 Attacks
Nurgle - 35 - Grants Blight Grenades, Feel No Pain, Plus (2) Toughness
(base Toughness counts as 5 for Instant Death)
Slaanesh - 20 - Grants Plus (2) Initiative and a Doom Siren
Tzeentch - 30 - Grants 2+ to model's Invulnerable save, and may take a
Force Weapon for +20 points (replaces Close Combat Weapon)

Supreme Daemon Weapons - 50
*Are Two-handed
*Are Power Weapons
*Add +1 Strength
*Grant an extra D6 attacks in combat, if a 1 is rolled
the Daemon tries to rebel, re roll the dice if a 1 is rolled
a second time, the owner takes a Wound with no armor save

Daemon Weapon (No Mark of Chaos)
*Adds an additional +1 Strength

Bloodfeeder (Mark of Khorne)
*Grant 2D6 attacks extra, and D3 attacks on the charge
instead of +1

Plaguebringer (Mark of Nurgle)
*Poisoned Attacks, wound on a 3+

Blissgiver (Mark of Slaanesh
*Inflicts Instant Death, if fighting an Independent Character
grants plus D3 Attacks

* Fired as
Range Strength AP Type
24" 5 2 Assault D6+3

All other options same as the Chaos Lord (Bolt Pistol etc)