Hi, Ive been writing up some rules for necron special characters for the new codex since they didn't get any FOC changing goodness that the other new books have. First up: Shadow Lord Hyperion...

Shadow Lord
4 6 4 5 3 2 2 10 3+
Special Rules: Ethereal Interception, Hunters From Hyperspace, Shadow Walk, Everliving, IC, Reanimation Protocols, Preferred enemy(all)

Wargear: Phase shifter, Tachyon Bow, The Silencer
Shadow Walk: Hyperion and the unit he is attached to may choose to move as if using a veil of darkness, also Hyperion only scatters one D6 for deep striking

Tachyon Bow: This weapon has the profile of a Tachyon Arrow but may be fired once per turn and has the Gets Hot rule.

The Silencer: one use only. Targeted enemy unit may not use any psychic powers for the turn.

An army with Hyperion in it may take Deathmarks as troops, additionally all Deathmarks in the army have the Stealth USR, and he may not be taken in the same army as Triarch Pratorians.

Even to the Necrons it is unknown where exactly the Shadow Lord came from, some believe that he was the original Deathmark and was preserved in stasis until the accendancy of the Necrontyr to their new forms, others believe that the Nightbringer himself forged Hyperion from living metal and breathed a portion of his immortal shadow into his creation. Hyperion did not rest during the great sleep of the necrons, during this time Hyperion silently studied the young races of the galaxy gathering thousands of years of data on his new prey. In his long searches of the galaxy Hyperion came across a weapon of unimaginable power, the Tachyon Bow, unfortunately it was protected deep within a Triarch Fortress, but this was little matter for Hyperion. In a plan When the other Necrons awoke Hyperion seized control of a powerful coven of Deathmarks and with his incredible knowledge and skill he lead his fellow Deathmarks to many victories, often wining battles without losing any of their number. Recently the Hyperion has been noticed seeking extragalactic knowledge, if this is because the Lord of Shadows is bored of his surroundings or if he is seeking a new hunting ground is unknown, but it still stands that if an Overlord absolutely must have something dead then the Shadow Lord will be the one to kill it.