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    Cavalry charge reaction: counter charge

    Always thought Cavalry should have a special charge reaction to counter charge. I think this would also help the nerfing of cavalry in 8th. Basically a unit of cavalry can choose to counter charge as a reaction,

    A unit with they type cavalry or monstrous cavalry can declare a counter charge as a charge reaction. They may do so only if normally allowed to make a charge reaction, and if it passes a leadership test. It cannot counter charge if the unit was within it's normal movement rate as the enemy closes the distance too fast (I.e. If charging unit was within 4" and had movement 4). If the unit fails it's leadership test it must hold instead.

    If the charging unit is successful do not move the charging unit. Both units count as having charge with all bonuses that entails (+1 to combat, lances, etc.)

    If the charging unit is not successful, it counts as having made a failed charge. Move the charging unit forward as normal. However the counter charging unit now must roll 2d6 (note that it does not get to add it's movement value, though swiftstride is used as normal) if the distance rolled is equal to or less than the distance between the counter-charging unit and the charging unit's final position, move the counter chargers to the charging unit using the rules for moving chargers. In this case the original chargers do not count as having charged at all, as they loss momentum before being counter charged. If the distance is not sufficient, the counter chargers are treated as having failed a charge.

    What do you think? Seeing as steadfast and all that still applies it still is hard for cavalry to break ranks but it allows cavalry to maintain the offensive.

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