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    40k Narrative Gaming

    Hello everyone, I have been playing 40k at my local gaming store for the last year and it seems that all of the gaming events are WAAC tourneys that everyone plays with unpainted and mostly unassembled models. So I have been thinking of a new type of gaming event in which the story and actual tactics matter instead of who can build the best death-star unit, and to attract players that are more interested in the background and hobby parts of the game.

    The basic idea for the game is to be playing with at least 4 or 5 players per team who each command a 1000 point army. This will make it so no one can play highly expensive models or units without relying on their teammates to support them, and also makes the turns faster.

    The game also has a GM that decides on objectives and other things throughout the game. The purpose of this is to make the game change as it goes on to create a story by adding new objectives, units, terrain, etc. throughout the game.

    Instead of having only 5-7 turns the game lasts for about 10-12, this makes it actually seem like a battle instead of running at your enemy without thinking of the long term consequences of your army's position. Although it may seem like a 1000 point army cannot survive that long, if the GM is doing it right then new units and game elements would be added based on objectives that are completed by your team and as the battle goes on more units would be added to escalate it.

    The table would be set up as like an apocalypse match on a large table with varying environments such as cities, forests, and hills, and also with lots of objective-related terrain like factories, shrines, or communication centers so that the GM has plenty of flexibility to place new objectives, and so it isn't obvious to the players what or where the next objective will be.

    Objectives in this game actually matter, and each one adds new elements to the game so when you complete it it's more than just another point for your team.

    That's the basic idea of the game and all I have time to post for now, I'll add more soon. Questions and comments are appreciated.

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    It sounds like a good idea, I normally do play a narrative but it's kind of over many battles, so the objectives are just that in a single battle, but the campaign contains the narrative. I'm also trying to work on a way to 'level up' my units, the BRB way is a little too little if you get my meaning.
    I would suggest a similar tac, maybe make a campaign like my m8 is for the 'nids at my club, it's going to be a large invasion with 'nids on one side and pretty much anyone else on the other. He is good at narratives, he did Abaddon Black Crusade last year. The way he works it is if you win a battle you get some 'extra' to go into the next one with.

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    It sounds a great Idea. I have been formulating a multiplayer game where 6 guys take 1 squad from a SM codex all painted the same.
    the 6 players get:

    5 command squad + captain
    10 Tac Marines + Rhino
    10 Tac Marines + Rhino
    5 Scouts + Dreadnought
    10 Assault Marines
    10 Devastators

    They then play cooperatively to achieve scenario objectives. We set up a command structure and give special rules such as finding powerswords in ruins, gaining an airstrike on random turns, having wandering monsters or cultists etc. Each scenario has hidden enemy and some rules for spotting. Generally the enemy forces will be relatively light or will arrive/be discovered piecemeal. As casualties are only replaced on a 4+ after each game you loose unit strength as things go on. You gain experience and USRs like in kill team but those guys can die of course. If you get eliminated or reduced to very low numbers you can cash your chaps in for a vanila tac squad with ML/Flamer and BP/CCW on the sarge and start again.

    I'd be interested to see your rules and scenarios for a 1000 point version.
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